Close Air Support


Airtanker drop 2012 Merrit zone fire








Nolan Edwards compilation of airtankers on a 2012 fire in Merrit zone.  Standby for some hotdogging action at the end. Ska-doosh.


Close Air Support from nolan edwards on Vimeo.

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Hitler Stealth Fighter | Other | Gear

Top stealth-plane experts have re-created a radical, nearly forgotten Nazi aircraft: the Horten 2-29. This retro-futuristic fighter plane is recreated as part of a documentary last year to uncover the secrets of the technological advancement of the Nazi forces. A term from the Northrop Grumman defense-contracting corporation used original Nazi blueprints and the only surviving Ho 2-29, which has been stored in a U.S. government facility for more than 50 years.

“The engineers’ goal was to determine whether the so-called stealth fighter was truly radar resistant. In the process, they’ve uncovered new clues to just how close Nazi engineers were to unleashing a jet that some say could have changed the course of the war.

The Ho 2-29 looked more like today’s U.S. B-2 bomber. Made primarily of wood and powered by jet engines, the plane was designed for speeds of up to 600 miles an hour (970 kilometers an hour). Armed with four 30mm cannons and two 500-kilogram (1,100-pound) bombs, the planned production model was also meant to pack a punch. A Ho 2-29 prototype made a successful test flight just before Christmas 1944. But by then time was running out for the Nazis, and they were never able to perfect the design or produce more than a handful of prototype planes.”

via Hitler Stealth Fighter | Other | Gear.

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