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GURKHA LAPVThe GURKHA has a typical SUV configuration of four side doors and a single rear cargo-crew exit door and carries a total crew complement of up to eight persons.

Mounted on the Ford F550 chassis, repair and spare parts are available throughout the worldwide Ford Motor Company.

The GURKHA may be armored to the NATO STANAG 4569 level 3 which exceeds the CEN European B7 armor level.

With its hollow cavity walls filled with blast protective materials, the side armor provides excellent protection against side load IEDs. In addition to its frontal armor, the firewall is a second armored wall that further protects the driver and front passenger from a frontal attack.

As well as the foregoing, the floor is protected from blast and even with this superior armored protection, the payload after armoring is still in excess of 2,041kg (4,500lbs).

Armored Vehicles.

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Russian-made Dartz Kombat T98 Luxury SUV Is Grenade-proof – Born Rich

If bulletproof clothing and bodyguards are just not enough, you definitely need an armored vehicle. We have earlier told you about bulletproof vehicles, including the pimped-out Russian military vehicle owned by a Moscow entrepreneur, Armet Gurkha, the armored vehicle and the armored Range Rover Vogue. The latest in the family of armored roadsters is the Russian-made Dartz Kombat T98 luxury SUV. The Hummer lookalike is resistant to AK-47s and rocket-propelled grenades, and features heavy steel plated doors and 7cm thick windows. The beast is powered by an 8.1 liter Vortec V8 and is capable of doing 180 km/h. Prince Albert of Monaco was seen checking out the grenade-proof vehicle at the recent Top Marques Monaco auto show. For those uber-rich who have remained undeterred by the recession, the Dartz Kombat T98 luxury SUV comes for a mere €150,000 (approx. US $200,000).

via Russian-made Dartz Kombat T98 Luxury SUV Is Grenade-proof – Born Rich.

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