Shuswap Firewood Products – Salmon Arm, BC

shuswap firewood products

Shuswap Firewood products



















Winter is coming.  Get prepped with Shuswap Firewood Products for the long winter, or if you fancy wood fired pizza, the Jackson’s have you covered.  Pallets, bulk, and bundles for what ever mode of combustion you have planned.  Just check local regulations regarding open fires this summer.

Shuswap Firewood Products – Salmon Arm, BC – 250-804-4353.

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Bureau of Trade

bureau of trade home page








Ebay, lots of crap, sometimes a rare gem.  Bureau of Trade wades through the crap and posts the rare Gems, and then they write a witty Suitable, Not Suitable tagline on each item.  It’s pretty humerous.  Oh yeah, if the item is still available they put the link to the ebay listing for the item.   Bureau of Trade also has articles and essays of stuff they like.  Take a gander, waste a few hours on something other than youtube.

Bureau of Trade.

bike bureau of trade






glasses bureau of trade

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Susan Glenn








Good advice from Jack Baue- Keifer Sutherland.  Axe jumps into Nike’s realm of ads that don’t actually show any products.  Well done, sirs, well done.

AXE Susan Glenn Commercial – YouTube.

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The Walking Dead-Season 3

Walking Dead season 3








Watch it all the way to the end.  Good preview of a bit more grit and less ho hum farm life as in season 2.  Check out the rad Dodge with ‘Geek’ Gaurd bumper.

 Season 3 Comic-Con Trailer: The Walking Dead – YouTube.

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Dwell – At Home in the Modern World: Modern Design & Architecture













Full of ideas and design innovations, products and themes, Dwell magazine online is a great use of your time even if you aren’t building a house or renovating one.  Modern design without a massive price tag, although they have that too, Dwell magazine is worth a look.

Dwell – At Home in the Modern World: Modern Design & Architecture.

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The Walking Dead Season 2 ‬‏


the walking dead s2Fan made!  It’s fan made.  Everyone is exited about the new season.  It’s fan made!  The Walking Dead Season 2, coming not soon enough.  Check out the Fan Made trailer.

YouTube – ‪The Walking Dead Season 2 Fan Teaser‬‏.

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Dog speaks

Dog speaks

Maybe it’s just me, but this made me laugh.  I hope you enjoy it too.  If only dogs could really talk, the world would be a better place.  Make sure you can hear the sound or you won’t get it.

via YouTube – Ultimate Dog Tease.

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“Legend Of The Golden Egg Warrior” on Vimeo

golden egg warriorHappy Easter! Have a good weekend everyone!

via “Legend Of The Golden Egg Warrior” on Vimeo.

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Loki Tree Service

roos-Loki-tree-service BW

Jake Roos was a crew leader at Rapattack for 3 seasons before moving on and starting his own arbour service with his brother Galen.  Great guys, great company, awesome services.  Check out their new website.  Interesting pics of past projects.  

From their website:

Loki Tree Service is a professional arboriculture and forestry contracting company owned and operated by brothers Jake and Galen Roos in Revelstoke, BC. We specialize in holistic residential tree care and progressive forestry operations.
We are proud to offer the community of Revelstoke ISA certified arborists, experienced in technical tree removal and proper pruning methods, for all residential and commercial tree care.
As a contracting company we have employed local workers in small communities throughout southern BC doing various types of brushing, clearing and forest fuels management projects.

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Koldsmoke “nearly” Everyday carry.

Koldsmoke EDC “pocket display” 80% of the time this is what Koldsmoke leaves the house with, if say going out to do chores in the back yard or going for a walk on a rural road heck I’ve probably left the house to go to the cineplex with some of this stuff. Not pictured, DC leather wallet, keys for longer trips into town or for a day of skiing.  Of course I don’t wear each wrist watch at the same time, generally in the winter I use the Tissot, and in the summer the Marathon, as the T-Touch doesn’t have very good water resistance.  I take either the Sog, or the leatherman knife, or both depending on what I’m expecting to encounter in my errands.  Stay tuned for a display of ditty bag contents for a rappel.  Although I have used every single tool on my 686 tool belt many times, the bottle opener has the most miles on it.

Clockwise from top

EDC Koldsmoke

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