Whitewater Rafting Clearwater BC Canada


River Rafting Clearwater River


whitewater rafting clearwater riverA whitewater rafting fanatic will find Clearwater River a blast.  The mighty Clearwater River stretches 78km through this protected and undisturbed wilderness known as Wells Gray Provincial Park and offers some of the best whitewater rafting in British Columbia. It has a little bit of everything for everyone, it meanders through tranquil Class 1 whitewater, plummets through unrunable Class 6 Canyons all while linking some of the most spectacular scenery and whitewater in British Columbia.

Liquid Lifestyles, a small company located in Clearwater will provide you an exhilarating river rafting adventure with the perfect mix of spectacular scenery, awesome waterfalls and heart pounding river rafting.

tandem kayaking down clearwater riverThey also offer Tandem whitewater rafting for the ultimate whitewater rafting trip. Pilot a tandem whitewater raft through exciting rapids, explode through waves and power across eddy lines as you navigate the amazing Clearwater River in Wells Gray Provincal Park. These boats are fast, stable, easy to paddle and most importantly fun!


If you are not into whitewater, you can also do a scenic river rafting tour down the Clearwater River. You can select between a full or half day scenic river rafting. Relax and enjoy one of the most enchanting sections of the Clearwater River. Meander your way down the flat water with picturesque views and crystal clear water. A certified river guide and this remarkable area will create a great memory of Wells Gray Park and the Clearwater River.

Tandem rafting made this the best camping trip we’ve ever been on. The views were spectacular and being on the river was TONS of fun. Scott, Andrea & their entire staff are knowledgeable, experienced and extremely customer service orientated. They keep you safe, warm and comfortable to ensure a great time.

If you are heading to the Rockies and want to raft, then check out the Rapids in Lake Louise.

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The Ferrari F1’s steering wheel

ferrari 2010 steering wheel

If you thought trying to figure out your cruise control was difficult, think again.  This is the 2010 steering wheel for the Ferrari Formula 1 car.  Oh don’t worry, they removed the KERS button, so much, much simpler.  Kinetic Energy Recovery System if you were scratching your head, is so 2009.  The wheel has a Drink button.  There is a Burn-Out button.  And a Wet button for which I have no comment.  New for the 2011 steering wheel, due to driver feedback, is a Win The Race button.  Sure it’ll be banned after a few races but the data gained will trickle down to the consumer level.

Giuliano Salvi, car number 7 Performance Engineer, presents the 2010 Formula 1 single-seaters steering wheel, explaining its functions and the handling by the driver during a session. Fernando and Felipe are using slightly different steering wheels, regarding their personal needs

via YouTube – The Ferrari F10’s steering wheel.

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No Better Place


RMR white cap

If you’ve never been to RMR, get up on it. This is a promotional video for Revelstoke Mountain Resort.

Michael Brush
Brett Dawley
Tanner Wegner
Jake Teuton
Cam Kaegi

via No Better Place on Vimeo.

Revelstoke Mountain Resort


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SportChassis – P4XL

sport chassis black rearview p4xl3/4 view silver P4xl sport chassissport chassis p4xl silver side view

All zombie apocalypse jokes aside, this could be the raddest long haul ski trip platform around.  Enjoy economies of scope by using this bad boy as an IA truck or bad ass chase truck in the summer months fitted with a water tank and a goliath pump.

Sport Chassis’ overview – The SportChassis P4XL is the ultimate luxury sport utility vehicle on the planet. Everything about this truck is big! A 174-in. wheelbase, 100-in. width and 264 inches from front to back make sure that you impress. Four Michelin XZL 425/65R 22.5-in. tires available in the offroad package powered by the Allison TRV3200 in a 5-speed configuration makes sure that you can go anywhere you need to. The Cummins ISC, an 8.3L diesel, rated at 330 HP with a 1000-ft/lb torque provides more than enough power to pull your boat up that slippery ramp or take you, your friends and all the toys to play in the sand.

SportChassis – P4XL – Overview

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Bolacco Cafe Sunpeaks Resort BC

Located in the Coast Sundance hotel at Sun Peaks Resort BC, Bolacco Cafe has some delicious home baked goodies that will fuel the most hardcore skiers.  I just ate two baked goodies with fresh berries and icing sugar sprinkled on them, washed down with a great big cappuccino.  Awesome!  Lavazza coffee, friendly service, local clientele.  Crazy not to try it out.
Bolacco cafe

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Morgan 3 Wheeler 2011

morgan 3 wheeler top view looking forward

Morgan 3 wheeler 2011

Manufacturers like Can-Am and Campagna, do the 3 wheeler, Morgan invented it.  The 2011 iteration truthfully is not very practical, maybe is a bit cramped for tall folks, but I want one badly.  How awesome is that leather cockpit?  No vids yet of it actually running but I can just imagine the throaty growl of that exposed engine.  I don’t mind the WWII inspired decals but I think the Koldsmoke Morgan 3 wheeler will be matte black or just rock-guard the whole thing.

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Bellagio, Las Vegas


Bellagio Las Vegas Logo




I’ve never stayed at the Bellagio, but I’ve been inside, beautiful hotel, excellent fountains outside to watch, perhaps after a successful heist.  The main thing I like about the Bellagio is the Cirque Du Soleil show O.  Seen it once, would see it again in a heart beat.  Water themed event, high dives, moving platforms, humour and fantastic acrobatics.  Well worth the 172 bones.  I highly recommend it.  P-Dub is staying there now, we won’t get a review from him because as you know…what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.


Las Vegas Hotels – Bellagio.

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Sandboarding Abu Dhabi Tony Hawk Style

sandboarding-abu-dhabi-tony-hawk-styleSandboarding in Abu Dhabi? Only Tony Hawk would sandboard down Abu Dhabi’s vast Rub’ Al Khali (Empty Quarter) dunes in what is the world’s largest expanse of unbroken sand equivalent in size to France, Holland and Belgium combined.

Here were Tony’s thoughts about the experience… “It was fun and a challenge, I never thought of sand as a surface you could ride on, so I was really surprised that we got so fast. It was daunting standing on top of these huge dunes pondering going straight down, which I didn’t expect. Being out in the desert and in the dunes was what I really pictured when I come to Abu Dhabi and it is amazing to be out here away from the norm,” said Hawk, a champion of children’s charity through his Tony Hawk Foundation, which promotes and helps finance public skate-parks in low-income areas.”

via Sandboarding Abu Dhabi Tony Hawk Style | Be Sportier.

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Amatoya ATV

Amatoya atvIn purely concept form right now, the Amatova ATV, from designer Liam Ferguson, gives us a vision into what first-line fire-fighting could look like in the near future. More like something out of the ‘Terminator’ series than out of your local firehouse, the Amatova houses 2 passengers in a high-visibility cockpit and can liquid Howitzer its 500 gallons of water from the Remotely Operated Suppression Cannon Outfit (ROSCO). The Amatoya also protects its own passengers with clear aerogel laminated insulation in the 360 view windows and the body, a temp sensitive spray down system, military-grade thermo ceramic paint, and a beefy diesel engine to propel the futuristic craft both in and out of hot situations. The piece de resistance is the Back to the Future homage gull-wing doors. Who says emergency services can’t be stylish?  You had me at Beefy Diesel Engine…

via Gear Patrol | The Definitive Men’s Resource.

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Velocity Challenge Speed Skiing at Sun Peaks Resort 2011

Velocity Challenge Sunpeaks logo

Subaru Canada has confirmed their sponsorship of the 2011 Subaru Velocity Challenge and FIS World Cup Speed Ski event to be held at Sun Peaks Resort, Canada, March 3rd to 6th 2011. Subaru Canada in conjunction with local Subaru dealer Zimmer Autosport will be the Title and Presenting sponsors for the 4th year in a row. The 2011 event will mark the 22nd annual Velocity Challenge making this unique event one of the longest running speed skiing events on the planet. The 2011 Subaru Velocity Challenge is the “ONLY” speed skiing event in North America and the only FIS World Cup Speed Ski event outside of the European Union.

via Velocity Challenge Speed Skiing at Sun Peaks Resort.



Don Strickland catching air KL speedskiing

Don Strickland catching air KL speedskiing

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