Sasquatch jumps off a ladder!


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Sockeyes Unit Crew

Sockeyes unit crew

Sockeyes Unit Crew sticker and logo design by Mark Dodsworth

Rapattack is on its way to Hinton Alberta Monday, then on to Slave Lake as a 20 person unit crew, The Sockeyes. Doesn’t happen very often Rapattack forms a unit crew, but wet weather and snow still up in the hills means there isn’t any need for rappel crews in BC and Alberta needs unit crews, so off we go. Should be a good deployment. Thanks Mark for the quick logo work!

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cWhistler Unique Active Vacations

slideshow4 cwhistlercwhistler logo









Located in Whistler BC, arguably the Coolest and Hottest mountain resort in the Universe, cWhistler is a new personalized tour company.

cWhistler takes care of all the stuff you don’t like to do on a vacation…plan what to do.  Go on Vacation and just ‘do’ with cWhislter.  Here is what they say about themselves:

“cWhistler is here to create your own, customized, flawless, worry free active vacation. Ever dream of having your own personal handler while you travel? We only cater to one group at a time therefore we are available for you and you only for the entire duration of your trip.”

Contact info

8165 Crazy Canuck Drive
Whistler, BC, V0N 1B8


cWhistler Unique Active Vacations.

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Date With A Woodsman on Devour.com

honda civic date with a woodsman

This Honda ad cracks me up every time.  Reminds me a tiny bit of my predecessor.  My only question is why does it have a button to make it economical…just have it economical all the time.

Date With A Woodsman on Devour.com.

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Trials and Tribulations on Vimeo


Trials and tribulations in Gulmarg India

Trials and tribulations in Gulmarg India


Justin Abiss, pretty much the coolest guy I know

Justin Abiss; sorry ladies, he’s taken.  This season Abiss spent the winter in Gulmarg India, throwing bombs(for Avalanche control), skiing down couloirs and showing kids how to ski.  What did you do all winter?  Enjoy the vid, the soundtrack is super appropriate.

via Trials and Tribulations on Vimeo.

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Dancing Bear Music Festival

dancing bears for music festDancing bear music festival

A few members of Rap go to Quest uni, and coming up is their Dancing Bear music Fest.  Good times…Info about themselves:

The Third Annual Dancing Bear Music Festival will take place SATURDAY APRIL 30, 2011 at Quest University in Squamish, BC. Quest will be graduating its first inaugural class! The stage overlooks the Tantalus Mountain Range, so get ready for some great views. We are building on last year’s success with a fresh new line-up, and more attractions to keep everyone smiling and dancing all day long!

Thanks Caleb!

Dancing Bear Music Festival.

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Ferrari Shell Commercial High Quality

Ferrari shell commercial

Unless you have good quality speakers or fancy earbuds give the video a skip.  I’m serious, it’s not worth it without perfect sound.  Stunning.  Ok ok it’s just a fuel company commercial but overlook that and give props to the marketing team who brought this piece of work together.  Even without sound it looks very crisp but the sound is the main character in this play.

YouTube – Ferrari Shell Commercial High Quality.

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Panty Bloom

Bra in Tackle box, Panty Bloom Movie

No panties in this movie.  Sorry, only a wonderful journey of a red Bra at a ski hill.  Enjoy.  This movie won an award at the Telus World ski and snowboard festival, WSSF last year.  Funny stuff.

YouTube – Panty Bloom.

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Combat Coffee 101



Combat coffee 101 is sort of an anti cooking show, cooking show, about how to make hot coffee with an MRE kit, well, as they point out, just the parts they like.  WARNING…these are Canadian soldiers…and they know how to swear, and smoke, and shoot at the Afghanistan country side…Not a Timmy’s in site.


via Combat Coffee 101 – The Awesomer.

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Oppdrag Sognefjorden Flyby

insane wingsuit birthday flyby

Travelling with Mikael in Norway near here I was amused by the huge signs in several languages stating anyone caught with parachuting equipment would be arrested.  This is the better quality video of this event, the entire thing is in Norwegian.  I could pick out, “oh shit” and “Boss Humping”, which I guess is base jumping.   Neither has a Norwegian translation I suppose.  The reactions transcend the language barrier.





via YouTube – Oppdrag Sognefjorden Flyby.


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