Carducci Dual Sport








Carducci Dual sport rear view








The Rapattack crew in Tok Alaska saw a lot of dual sport rigs travelling the Alaskan HWY.  Not a lot of variation, most were BMWs or KTMs.  The Carducci dual sport sc3 adventure starts life as a1993-2003 Harley Davidson 1200 or 883 sportster and is converted into the unique rig above.  Featuring a 6.3 gallon gas tank the site boasts a 200+ mile range.  Perfect for those long stretches between towns in Alaska, the last frontier…of the Mullet?


CARDUCCI DUAL SPORT Motorcycles – Carducci Dual Sport.

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Adán Pérez Travel Adventures – Wordless – Episode 2










Adán Pérez refines his video skills and gives a great Parkour performance in Wordless!  Looking forward to more from his Travel Adventures.

via Adán Pérez Travel Adventures – Wordless – Episode 2 – YouTube.

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Nike Eugene Duffel and Cheyenne 2000 Eugene Backpack

Nike Eugene duffel Flat with strap detail Nike Eugene Duffel interior pocket detail Nike Eugene Duffel end cinch undone Nike Eugene Duffel End cinch detail Nike Eugene Duffel twin short handle detail Nike-Cheyenne-2000-Eugene-Backpack-BA4385_030_A Nike-Eugene-Duffel

Koldsmoke declares the Nike Eugene Duffel and Cheyenne 2000 Eugene backpack as Dead Sexy luggage.  Black but not  the usual fare of shiny plastic-ee looking drybag style duffels.  Expandable  volume, water resistant zippers, and multiple strap options.  Pair the duffel with the Eugene Backpack and it’s a match made in heaven. Same materials and look, these two pair together perfectly.  Buy direct from

Not a lot of info about all the bells and whistles of the Eugene and Cheyenne Eugene backpack, so had to borrow some pics from  Thanks guys! | Kicks, fitteds & more.

Nike Eugene Duffel

Nike Cheyenne 2000 Eugene Backpack


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Human Hoist

Human Hoist chair photo







A creeper, no not that kind, a chair and a perfect beach lounger in Koldsmoke’s opinion-the Human Hoist.  Watch the vid to get the idea.  Not for sale as of yet, the brand new project is looking for backers.  I hope they’ve heard of Kickstarter, seems perfect for that.

Thanks Karl!

Home Page.

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Blue Jay Chalet | Accommodation at Sun Peaks Resort, BC

Dunn Peak and Skier Shredding! Blue Jay Chalet

Adam Stein Photo

Blue Bird Chalet Front View Summer



Living-Room-Blue-Jay-Chalet Large photo













Blue Jay Chalet, located at Sun Peaks Resort BC is the place you want to stay this winter or any winter for that matter if you have a big group of shredders.  Beautiful accomodations located right on the hill, Blue Jay Chalet has all you need, except  the Hot Tubs don’t do Time Travel.  Check out their new website, and see you on the slopes!

Blue Jay Chalet. Accommodation at Sun Peaks Resort, British Columbia – Canada.

Panorama of the downstairs Suite.

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Redemption Cycles

Redemption-Cycles Wall Photo

Redemption-Cycles Sample










Starting with older Honda bikes, and then creating simple, clean bobbers and cafe racers-Redemption-Cycles has a recipe for success.  Koldsmoke is digging those metallic gas tanks.  Keep it up guys!  Here is what Redemption says about themselves:

“Simplicity, honesty and high-quality motorcycles that anyone can afford, and that everyone would be proud to own. We demand complete honesty and integrity in everything we do. In short, we are hard-working guys who mandate honesty, value and performance”

Looking forward to seeing the new projects from Redemption in the near future.

Redemption Cycles.

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Eels Fighting or Having Sex? Hawai’i 2011 on Koldsmoke










Missy Bear saw these in the tide pool at 2 Step Beach Hawaii.  Not sure if they were having fun, or having fun.  That’s Missy singing to them.  Shot with my trusty old fashioned Iphone 4.

via Eels Fighting or Having Sex? on Vimeo.

Eels Fighting or Having Sex? from Gabriel Dewey on Vimeo.

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Vote for 2011 Most Popular Driver: Canadian Tire Series – Jul 20, 2011 – NASCAR.COM

Vote Jason White


Jason-White A&W Nascar driver







Jason White gets it done.  Jason White goes fast.  Vote Jason White.

Koldsmoke is going to vote for it’s favorite Nascar driver Jason White, Sunpeaks local.

Voting has begun for the Most Popular Driver of the Year award in the NASCAR Canadian Tire Series. Fans are encouraged to vote for their favorite driver from the series once per day until voting ends on Nov. 20.

This year’s most popular driver for the Canadian Tire Series will be announced at the NASCAR Night of Champions Touring Awards Gala on Dec. 10 at the Charlotte (N.C.) Convention Center’s Crown Ballroom in the NASCAR Hall of Fame.

Click the link below, scroll down to the bottom (Jason White, alphabetical) click Jason White, click submit.  Do that once a day.

via 2011 Most Popular Driver: Canadian Tire Series – Jul 20, 2011 – NASCAR.COM.

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Top Gear Montage

Top Gear Montage

Top Gear.  Cars.  Helicopters.  Speed. Eyeball Candy.  Epic soundtrack.  Insert bite stick and watch.

via Powerrrrrr! – YouTube.






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Barrel Alley on Vimeo

Barrel Alley

Thanks for spotting this cool vid Brian.  Catchy tune too.

via Barrel Alley on Vimeo.


Barrel Alley from Surfing Life on Vimeo.

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