You’re on with Ron

You're on with Ron









I’m concerned that what you thought this post was about was a lot of Ron Swanson.  What the post is actually about is all Ron Swanson.

The original was taken down, so now there is this lower quality version.  It’s still funny.



You’re on with Ron from Dave DiCicco on Vimeo.

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How Star Wars Characters Eat Their Food

How star wars characters eat their food









May the 4th be with you.

via How Star Wars Characters Eat Their Food How Animals Eat Their Food Parody – YouTube.

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Wengen 2013 – Johan Clarey Downhill – Highest speed in Alpine Ski history : 161,9 km/h

Wengen Jump Johan Clarey

There is an English version but it isn’t as enthusiastic as the French announcers!!  Johan Clarey smashes the downhill speed record, but doesn’t win the race.  His body language at the finish says it all, he definitely didn’t hold anything back.  100mph and didn’t miss a gate, well done!

01/19/13 Wengen Lauberhorn

1. INNERHOFER Christof (ITA) 2:29.82

2. KROELL Klaus         (AUT) 2:30.12
3. REICHELT Hannes      (AUT) 2:30.58
4. GUAY Erik            (CAN) 2:30.97
5. CLAREY Johan         (FRA) 2:30.99

Thanks Pedro!

Wengen 2013 – Johan Clarey Downhill – Highest speed in Alpine Ski history : 161,9 km/h – YouTube.

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True Facts About The Seahorse

True Facts about the Sea Horse








Once again Zefrank1 gives us pure gold, in the form of True Facts About the Sea Horse.  As always, watch with sound.

Check out his other animal True Facts here, and if you must search for everyone’s favourite narrator too here.

via True Facts About The Seahorse – YouTube.

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Human Hoist

Human Hoist chair photo







A creeper, no not that kind, a chair and a perfect beach lounger in Koldsmoke’s opinion-the Human Hoist.  Watch the vid to get the idea.  Not for sale as of yet, the brand new project is looking for backers.  I hope they’ve heard of Kickstarter, seems perfect for that.

Thanks Karl!

Home Page.

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True Facts Zefrank1

Sloth eating leaves Zefrank1










True Facts about Sloths, Angler fish, and Baby Echidnas.  Watch with sound.  Three videos so far more to come from Zefrank1.

via subscribe to ashow ☞ – YouTube.


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Disaster Aid 2012

 hurricane sandy sat image

Although Hurricane Sandy is a big deal on the news right now, there are always disasters occuring around the world.  Koldsmoke encourages it’s fans to look beyond the heavy hitters in the media and explore the orgs that may need help, via donations.  If you don’t donate at least do a quick web search and see what other news worthy hard ships are occuring around the world, not just in first world America.  Koldsmoke wishes all the aid workers working around the world to be safe, and good luck in your efforts.

 Check the links below for a brief list of aid organizations


Heavy Urban Search and Rescue list of Canadian teams

logo shelter box

 Shelter Box Donations 





Donations. International commitee of the red cross

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Felix Baumgartner’s [chestcam] Footage

Felix Baumgartner Sunday chestcam shot








The video says headcam but it is clearly his chest cam filming his head, the video is Austrian, so the german translation might have been garbled.  Very crystal clear footage from near space…enjoy!  Baums away…sorry just had to.

via – Felix Baumgartner’s Headcam Footage (comments).

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Live Broadcast | Red Bull Stratos

Felix Baumgartner Soaring










He’s actually in the air!!  All looks good for Felix today in New Mexico. Watch the live broadcast below, or go to the link and see all the stats on the Red Bull site.  Good luck!  2 hours up, 15 min descent, 5 minutes of freefall.

Live Broadcast | Red Bull Stratos.

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