Ben Kilner tests the GoPro Hero 2 in epic pow

Ben Kilner in Davos






Better Powder.  Davos Switzerland is getting more snow than Canada.  It’s just cold hard facts.  Here is Ben Kilner Testing out the new GoPro2 hero cam in this gloriously deep snow.  The sound is on purpose I suppose, it’s actually kind of funny.  Koldsmoke indeed.

Ben Kilner tests the GoPro Hero 2 in epic pow – Snowboard Videos – – Gives you the best high quality extreme sports video and all the latest news and events from the world of action sports..

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BEST POWDER 2011 on Vimeo

Transition shot five mile







Not Eeeepic Peeooowwdah but very good.  Just a taste of what Koldsmoke captured with the Liquid Image Summit goggles in December 2011.  The new 1080p goggles have the option to tilt the lense 10 degrees up to see a bit more of the slope coming at ya.

via BEST POWDER 2011 on Vimeo.

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Blue Jay Chalet | Accommodation at Sun Peaks Resort, BC

Dunn Peak and Skier Shredding! Blue Jay Chalet

Adam Stein Photo

Blue Bird Chalet Front View Summer



Living-Room-Blue-Jay-Chalet Large photo













Blue Jay Chalet, located at Sun Peaks Resort BC is the place you want to stay this winter or any winter for that matter if you have a big group of shredders.  Beautiful accomodations located right on the hill, Blue Jay Chalet has all you need, except  the Hot Tubs don’t do Time Travel.  Check out their new website, and see you on the slopes!

Blue Jay Chalet. Accommodation at Sun Peaks Resort, British Columbia – Canada.

Panorama of the downstairs Suite.

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‘The Powsurf Chronicles’ Trailer – Kickflips on snow a reality!

Power Surf Chronicles Kick Flip









No Bindings.  Bindings suck.  No rope. Ropes suck.  Floaty surfy tricky snow sessions on this beauty video.  Winter is here!  Thanks Madden!


‘The Powsurf Chronicles’ Trailer – Kickflips on snow a reality!.

“The Powsurf Chronicles” TEASER from Jeremy Jensen on Vimeo.

“The Powsurf Chronicles” TEASER from Jeremy Jensen on Vimeo.

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First preseason Ski Sesh on

"Preseason ski sesh"







Some rippers session a pipe they ‘found’ on a back road near Sun Peaks Resort BC.  The hill officially opens November 19, but these guys already got first tracks.

via SkumPeaks: First preseason Ski Sesh.

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BC Ski Resort Webcams on Koldsmoke


 At a glance see what the resorts look like around BC, with these updating webcam photos taken directly from the resort’s website.  Don’t see your favorite webcam?  Let Koldsmoke know, we’ll add it to the page.  One stop shopping for resort webcams!  Click the link and get stoked for sliding!

BC Ski Resort Webcams.

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Oda : Skevik Skis Inc.

Brett Dawley apologizes for suggesting this post because I’ve got my Hawaii hat on.  It’s all good buddy, really really on board with this concept.  They named the company after their Norwegian Great Grandfather so it has a family feel to it.  The secret ingredient in these small batch, British Columbia made, progressively shaped skis?  Love.  Three models, Oda, Sevrin and Anton.  Koldsmoke appreciates the humour in the Oda‘s description from Skevik.  Thanks Brett!

Skevik skis

click to enlarge

skevik skis in natural habitat











The only thing on the Oda’s mind is powder and lots of it. Big, wide and curvy may not be great words to describe your girlfriend but who needs a girlfriend when you’re skiing overhead blower on a pair of these. Three stage rocker, far from ordinary sidecut and 132mm underfoot. What else do you need?

via Oda : Skevik Skis Inc..

Skevik Skis 2009 Layup from Skevik Skis on Vimeo.

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This is my winter – Teaser on Vimeo

this is my winter








“It’s a bit more icy here.”

This is my winter -Teaser.

via This is my winter – Teaser on Vimeo.

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La Niña

La Nina

Winter approaches and all that jazz.  Looking forward to it.  Check out this video from last season extolling the virtues of Tha Neenya.

Via Youtube: La Niña (the ‘little girl’ in spanish) is an oceanic phenomenon that delivered western North America the coldest and snowiest winter anyone can remember. It also makes this episode of Salomon Freeski TV the deepest one yet. According to all climate predictions, she’s back for the 2011/12 season. We hope you like your powder deep!

Thanks Meg!

via Salomon Freeski TV S5 E01 La Niña – YouTube.

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Blade Cleaver on Facebook

Blade Cleaver goggle snomo reflection

Blade Cleaver Million Dollar Smile and Hair

Blade Cleaver Looking Rad on a railPerpetually keen and happy Blade Cleaver is infected with the skiing bug and he’s contagious.  At the 2011 Velocity Challenge, he dropped into the course during tear down, switch, from the last rollover and straightlined to the finish.  True story.  Koldsmoke likes to promote local talent and Blade is definitely what’s Cool and Hot these days.  Check out another vid of his below and like him on Facebook.

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