Nipwitz – Russia on Vimeo

Urban Freestyle skiing in Russia










In Russia, snow skis you!

via Nipwitz – Russia on Vimeo.

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Dawley 12 Season on Vimeo

Dawely 12 Season







Just some shots from the 11/12 ski season. Shot around Revelstoke B.C. Filming done by LSL and Inflik Media. Editing by Brett Dawley. Song Hours by Freddie Joachim.

via Dawley 12 Season on Vimeo.

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Sun Peaks Blue Bird Banked Slalom April 1st, 2012

Blue Bird Banked SlalomThe first annual Sun Peaks BlueBird Banked Slalom April 1st, 2012.  Open to everyone, skiers or boarders, this event should be what separates the strong from the meek.  Koldsmoke will be on hand with additives if you so desire, $20 an application, you only get one shot, so you might as well give it the best shot.  Click the link to get full details.  Good Luck P-Dub!!  Good Luck Brett!

Event Details | Sun Peaks Resort.

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Area 241

Area-241 night 2












Area 241, all sort of hush hush.  Never want to wait in a lift line again?…Watch the video.  Finally found the info on this project after forgetting the name of the project and the name of the magazine I read it in.  Thankgoodness for the internet.

via Transworld “Quote this” on Vimeo.

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Gabe’s in Gingham! on Vimeo

Gabe's in Gingham








Nikki trades her smallish gingham goggles for Koldsmoke’s Liquid Image camera goggles and tee’s up her new favorite song.  Then it switches to POV style with Koldsmoke skiing various lines around Sun Peaks BC.  Enjoy!  Thanks for the sweet video work Nikki!

via Gabes in Gingham! on Vimeo.

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Swiss Army Wool Gaiters

Swiss Wool Gaiter Lateral view

Swiss Wool Gaiter full view

Swiss Wool Gaiter Zipper detail

Swiss Wool Gaiter Medial view

















Swiss Army Wool Gaiters, a steal at $14.99 and less.  Though swiss army surplus they are in very good shape. These gaiters keep you warm and dry thanks to rugged construction, felted, waterproof wool, and leather protection where needed.  The outer surface is smooth and slightly shiny, and the interior shows that it is indeed fuzzy wool.  Zippers make for  easy on off and a rubber strap keep these puppies in place.  One size fits all.  Thanks Boulder 1!

New Swiss Army Wool Gaiters w/Zipper – 999 – Military Surplus.

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Sample Footage Liquid Image Co on Vimeo

Feet and skis









Here is some footage I took with the Liquid Image summit goggle, 335 version in 720p.  The 720p looks pretty good so the newer 1080p versions should be awesome.

via Sample Footage Liquid Image Co on Vimeo.

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Good Luck Emma Whitman!!


Emma Whitman million dollar smile






Emma Whitman is going to slay the Dew Tour Slope Course this weekend!!  Here is a message from one of her best pals Kieran Nikula:

“‎Emma Whitman is incredible in many ways and very much so when it comes to skiing! There is an army of friends and family around the world cheering for her. And she has every reason to be 100 percent confident this weekend as she takes on the Dew Tour slope course in Killington Vermont. Share this to show her your support and how much you all believe in her. she will see it.”

Good Luck Emma!!

Just a day in the life of Emma on Vimeo.

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Boiling water thown in the face at -40 celcius

Boiling water thrown in face at -40c







Boulder Mountain alumni Nick and Ben being bored in Grande Cache Alberta.  Do not try at home unless it’s -40c.  Hope it warms up for you guys up there!  Thanks Ben!  Cool and Hot.

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A Pre-New Years Party Run @ PK on Vimeo

Ski Tip Huck POV







It’s a chest mounted GoPro deep pow Mach-Chicken run through  the trees somewhere in BC.  High Five, I like!  Thanks a whole lot Shane!  Happy New Year indeed.

via A Pre-New Years Party Run @ PK on Vimeo.

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