As written by Eric Hjorleifson – designer Canada:The new EHPs are the most versatile and fun ski I have ever used. They surf the powder, are very stable at high speeds and you can throw them sideways in the pow and totally scrub your speed without actually making a turn. Yet when you get to the end of your pow stash and hit firm snow the EHP’s handle it no problem. I could not believe how responsive they were on hard pack the first time I skied them especially since I designed them primarily to surf the pow.

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Forty Below K2 Superlight Overboot

Product Description:

Forty Below® K2 Superlight™ Overboot
“I wouldn’t go to extreme altitude without them!” JIM WICKWIRE

Key Features:
Lightweight, compact, and not bulky.
Fits double mountain boot, and also single mountaineering boots.
Stretchy and easy to put on in the cold.
Easy to repair.

The Forty Below® K2 Superlight™ overboot is a great choice for extreme cold climbs.  A favorite insulated boot cover that has been used for many years on Denali, Himalayas, and Polar expeditions.  The unique design allows it to be used with a wide range of “step-in”, “new-matic”, and “strap-on” style crampon bindings, plus “wire toe bail style” ski mountaineering bindings.

Patterned to fit both “double” plastic and “single” leather mountaineering boots.  In addition to being used with double shelled boots for high altitude and cold weather climbs, they can also be fitted to leather climbing boots to help extend their temperature use range.  The Forty Below® K2 Superlight™ uses a special nylon covered, 4.7 mm stretchy closed cell neoprene foam insulation, with 2 layers of heat reflecting Titanium.  This insulation goes from about the top of your climbing boot, completely around and under the boot, with no gaps in the insulation.  The insulation panels are glued together and also stitched on the inside and outside surface, with no sewn through seams.  They fit trim to the boot, and are not bulky.  Because of the stretchy insulation material they are easy to put on in the cold, and they roll up small in your pack.  The toe and heel area have small triangular shape panels made of a slightly thinner neoprene insulation that allows for many wire toe bails and flip lever heels to simply compress the insulation and rest on the toe and heel groove of the boot.  The toe, heel, and lower side area of the overboots have a thin rubber paint applied to add abrasion resistance and help protect the stitching.  A 2 inch wide heavy duty velcro front closure goes all the way down to the toes for easy adjustment of laces.  The upper gaiter goes up to just below the knee, and is made of a non-coated, windproof and breathable Cordura nylon to help minimize frost build up.  Elastic drawcord top closure, with a cordlock on top of the gaiter.  A special smooth nylon crampon patch is glued and stitched to the instep side of the neoprene for added resistance to crampon pokes, etc.  One of the great features of Forty Below® overboots is that they are easy to repair! This is especially helpful, as crampons and rugged terrain are so hard on everything they come in contact with.

One of the great features of Forty Below® overboots is that they are easy to repair! This is especially helpful, as crampons and rugged terrain are so hard on everything they come in contact with.  Repairing is easily done by simply gluing the poke holes together, using glues such as those for repairing neoprene fishing waders, wetsuits, like AquaSeal from McNett, etc.  For repairs on the mountain, use the Forty Below® Repair Patches, which are a special sticky and stretchy tape that works great for repairs during a trip (one is included with the overboot).

Forty Below K2 Superlight Overboot.

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Summit freeride

Spring Order Only

A radical new sled designed for extreme mountain riders. Featuring a full arsenal of top-of-the-line shocks and an extra-tough chassis.

10 wraps available

PlatformREV-XP RSEnginesRotax E-TEC 800R Colors White / White

Out of Bounds Gold

Out of Bounds Color

ID Gold

ID Red

Tag Black

Tag Color

Mean Clown Black

Mean Clown Color

Dead Wood

Drop Zone Front suspensionRS Dual A-armFront shocksKYB Pro 40 RRear suspensionSC™-5MRCenter shockKYB Pro 40Rear shockKYB Pro 40

New E-TEC 800R engine

New 155+ hp E-TEC® 800R engine

REV-XP™ RS chassis with forward steering post

SC™-5MR rear suspension with reinforced rails and 4th idler wheel

KYB Pro 40 aluminum piggyback rear shocks with dual-speed compression adjusters

Lightweight chromoly front suspension lower A-arm

KYB Pro 40 R aluminum piggyback front shocks with dual-speed compression and rebound adjusters

New Pilot™ DS skis

Wide ski stance, adjustable, 38.4/40.1 in

Brembo racing brake with braided stainless-steel brake line

Multi-function digital gauge with display and 3-minute high sampling rate record mode

New aluminum tapered handlebar with mountain strap

New race-style controls

REV-XP X narrow seat

White blank canvas coloration ready for customizing

New dual air intake

Engine Rotax E-TEC 800R

Engine details Liquid-cooled, 3-D R.A.V.E.™

Cylinders 2

Displacement 48.8 in3 / 799.5 cc

Bore 3.2 in / 82 mm

Stroke 3 in / 75.7 mm

Maximum engine speed 8150 RPM

Carburation Electronic Direct Injection

Recommended fuel type Premium unleaded

Vehicle overall length 131.3 in / 3335 mm

Vehicle overall width 50.7 in / 1288 mm

Vehicle overall height 51.2 in / 1300 mm

Official dry weight 222 kg / 489 lbs

Ski stance 38.4 in / 975 mm

Ski overall length 42 in / 1066 mm

Ski width 6.5 in / 164 mm

Track nominal width 16 in / 406 mm

Track nominal length 154 in / 3923 mm

Track profile height 2.25 in / 57.2 mm

Drive clutch type TRA™ VII

Driven clutch type QRS

Front Suspension RS Dual A-arm

Front Shocks KYB Pro 40 R

Rear Suspension SC™-5MR

Central Shock KYB Pro 40

Rear Arm Shock KYB Pro 40

Electric start Optional

Windshield 140 mm / 6 in

Handlebar Aluminum, tapered with J-hooks / Riser block height (130 mm / 5.1 in) / Mountain strap

Skis Pilot™ DS

Seating REV-XP X narrow

via Summit | Sleds showroom | Ski-Doo – BRP Ski-Doo.


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Sigma LT Glove


A workhorse glove that focuses on bomber weather protection, the Sigma LT Glove from ARCTERYX also goes a long way in providing stretch mobility and durability. Protect your hands thanks to waterproof and breathable GORE-TEX XCR and a snow-shedding softshell exterior while interior fleece delivers targeted warmth and comfort.


Fend of slush, sleet, and melting snow with waterproof GORE-TEX XCR that protects you from precip and prevents sweaty, cold hands thanks to the breathability of the laminate

Insulated with and lined with two different fleece textiles for efficient warmth and enhanced dexterity

Keep snow and water from creeping in thanks to the DWR (durable water repellent) finish on the softshell exterior; adjustable slim-fit cuff with Velcro closure

Supple leather reinforces high wear zones and palm and fingers

Articulated patterning for unrestricted mobility; seam-free fingertips give you more sensitivity and a better grip

Short cuff and leather pull-tab with clip-in loop

via Sigma LT Glove – Men’s.

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Boone Park/Powder Twin Skis

Skiers can warm up this winter with some hotties thanks to the Boone Park/Powder Twin Skis. Designed so you can shred anything, anywhere these skis use lightweight “sandwich technology” with layers of eco-friendly bamboo, fiberglass, high density PBT and more. Available in 170cm & 180cm lengths. $449

via Boone Park/Powder Twin Skis | Cool Material.

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Zeal Optics bringing GPS, sensor-laden Transcend ski goggles to market — Engadget

Remember those mind-melting Recon Instruments goggles that we caught wind of late last year? Admit it — you never, ever expected those things to actually make it to market. Despite your pessimism, it seems as if those very specs are indeed making a beeline to the consumer realm, with Zeal Optics jumping in, working a bit of magic and relabeling ’em Transcend. Deemed the planet’s first GPS and sensor-laden ski goggles, these things are purportedly capable of logging speed, altitude, temperature and time details, and the side-mounted toggle switches will enable you to view said data in real time (or not, if you’re paying attention to the 50 foot drop ahead of you). Peek the read link for further details on the $350+ wearables (demoed after the break), and get ready to hit the slopes with a whole new mindset this October.

via Zeal Optics bringing GPS, sensor-laden Transcend ski goggles to market — Engadget.

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HTTMHot Tub Time Machine YouTube

Hot Tub Time Machine

I saw this in the theatre.  I wish I had a HTTM to replay that night.  Ah the memories, the things I would have done…

Take a trip to ’86 aboard the Hot Tub Time Machine ($17-$25). Featuring funny turns from John Cusack, Craig Robinson, and Rob Corddry, Hot Tub is like American Pie for the over-30 crowd, only slightly more humorous, and possibly more vulgar — which is hard to believe, and ultimately, a good thing. Is it funnier than The Hangover, as the cover suggests? No. But it sure beats a Friday night spent watching chick flicks

via Uncrate | The Buyer’s Guide For Men.

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