Backcountry ski shoot ADAM COOPER

Photo Credit ADAM COOPER High View Productions

AdamCooper black and white











Check out the rad edit put on by High View Productions.  Backcountry BC shows a taste of what winter and summer has to offer in British Columbia and how High View’s use of their multirotor aerial platform hits the production values out of the stadium.  Great work Adam!!  Click the link for contact info.








Backcountry BC from HIGH VIEW Productions on Vimeo.

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Photography | By Holly — Local and International Photographer

Photography by Holly wildlife-eagleHolly of Photography by Holly












Photography by Holly Travel Camel









If you need a travelling photographer for hire, look no further; Holly Louwerse’s website is finally up and running and it looks gorgeous.  Click the link and check out the JPEG eye candy.  Holly may not have the best sense of direction ski touring but her photography skills and warm compostions make up for it.  Good job Holly!

Photography | By Holly — Local and International Photographer.

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Euro Talents 2012 MeTheOne

Euro talents MetheOne









Euro Talents 2012 To counteract the media attention on soccer, MeTheOne is launching today an amazing video with awesome European people (breakdancers, skaters, BMX riders, dancers…) from the 16 countries taking part on the Cup.

Thanks Mikel Torres!

via Euro Talents 2012 | MeTheOne – YouTube.

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Throwable Panoramic Ball Camera










The effect is sort of like zooming into google earth street view, but without the dorky little car with the periscope to create it.  Very interesting effect and a neat way of capturing more than a 360 degree panorama.

via Throwable Panoramic Ball Camera – YouTube.

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Koldsmoke Apologizes

Base Moth

Sorry for the last few days the website was down. Here is a neat photo I took of a giant moth in front of the ops building on the Rap Base. WWL and the IA truck in the Background. Taken with my Iphone 4.

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Battle At F-Stop Ridge

Battle at f-stop ridge

This video was shot with a VHS camcorder.  Kidding.  The guys at The Camera Store are boys, and I’m sure everyone at Koldsmoke would get along with them famously.  Enjoy.

YouTube – Battle At F-Stop Ridge.

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What is Promotive.com

Essentially you sign up to promotive, you apply for a team or teams, and if you qualify you get great discounts on cool equipment.  135 plus brands, 100s of teams, lots of savings on the stuff you use everyday.

ProMotive.com is a software as a service company based in Salt Lake City that also serves as home to 3point5.com, our online retail training business. We´re staffed by brand—savvy, technically—gifted people who understand the nuances of word—of—mouth marketing and know how to connect brands with the customers that best represent their products.

  • ProMotive.com is a product of SwarmBuilder, a word-of-mouth marketing company that also trains retail salespeople on 3point5.com.
  • ProMotive.com was created as a way to connect companies with influential brand advocates online.
  • The goal of ProMotive.com is to increase brand visibility and sales by offering discounts to high-profile product users.

via Promotive.com – Frequently Asked Questions.

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Para Skiing




Heres a cool kite skiing video which proves that people will keep inventing way to make sports more extreme and dangerous. Recorded with a simple GoPro HD, this kite skiing video documents some extreme skiers feats of jagged terrain.


via Kite Skiing Video Proves We Keep Pushing Sports to The Limit | Be Sportier.

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IPhone Marriage Proposal




Not really what I thought it was going to be, but was still cool.  Jason Bourne-esque talking on phones with the ear piece, nice.  Techno-romance at its best here: this marriage proposal was shot with hidden cameras streamed live into the iPhones of friends helping the groom, so they could keep it a surprise. (Thanks Kevin!)


via IPhone Marriage Proposal – The Awesomer.


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GigaPan EPIC Pro

Gigapan EPIC Pro for DSLREPIC Pro for your DSLR

The ultimate combination for capturing gigapixel panoramas is here!

Capture multi-gigapixel images with most DSLR cameras. Powerful and precise, EPIC Pro features advanced technology and design for beautiful results with amazing depth and clarity.

Strong enough to hold a camera and lens combination up to 10 lbs, the EPIC Pro will take hundreds, even thousands of detailed individual photos for one intricate gigapan photo. With the new GigaPan Stitch software, these photos are efficiently combined into a seamless panorama and uploaded to GigaPan.com, where you can view, share and explore.

The GigaPan EPIC Pro robotic camera mount is listed at $895.

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