Trailer: Monsters – The Awesomer

Trailer: Monsters


BAFTA-nominated VFX artist Gareth Edwards won SciFi London’s 48-hour film contest, and now has his first feature film in the can. It’s got mysterious giant monsters and lots of old school thrills.

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The Shining: Creep – The Awesomer

NSFW. Mixing the choral version of Radiohead’s Creep from the trailer for The Social Network with footage from Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining is about as perfect a combination as you can get.

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The Big Lebowski Tribute Posters

Whether you’re a laid back Dude or an uptight Walter, you can appreciate the subtle brilliance of these The Big Lebowski Tribute Posters ($35-$250). Designed by Ibraheem Youssef and available in sizes ranging from 12×18 to 35×52.5, these Giclee, 120# Canon printing cover stock prints feature the title, actors, and directors — as if you need help remembering — along with either the Dude’s squarish sunglasses or Walter’s trooper-like lenses sitting prominently at the bottom

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Inception Review 2010-architecture of the human mind

If you are more aware about scientific movies this Inception (2010) will be more significant. It may be some ones to horror genre movie. But definitely it will be gargantuan and sublime movie that you have ever watched. After you watch it you will feel to watch it again and again. The director of this movie succeeds to keep movie lovers on the edge of the seats. Inception (2010) is an out of clear sky movie which bring scientific surface to it. This is not an ordinal meaningless movie like many of directors done. Nevertheless this is a trenchant movie story which fans can watch with tremendous trepidation. It is success to get huge attention from moviegoers. There are number of thriller movies release for a day. But all of them can not be success. Most of viewers predict this will definitely be a mega hit.

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Awesome Stuff – The Awesomer

click on the link, more funny titles !

NSFW: Movie titles can be very misleading. So Cracked asked its readers to make movie posters say what their movies are all about, and here’s what they came up with. More at the link.

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HTTMHot Tub Time Machine YouTube

Hot Tub Time Machine

I saw this in the theatre.  I wish I had a HTTM to replay that night.  Ah the memories, the things I would have done…

Take a trip to ’86 aboard the Hot Tub Time Machine ($17-$25). Featuring funny turns from John Cusack, Craig Robinson, and Rob Corddry, Hot Tub is like American Pie for the over-30 crowd, only slightly more humorous, and possibly more vulgar — which is hard to believe, and ultimately, a good thing. Is it funnier than The Hangover, as the cover suggests? No. But it sure beats a Friday night spent watching chick flicks

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