Zeal Optics bringing GPS, sensor-laden Transcend ski goggles to market — Engadget

Remember those mind-melting Recon Instruments goggles that we caught wind of late last year? Admit it — you never, ever expected those things to actually make it to market. Despite your pessimism, it seems as if those very specs are indeed making a beeline to the consumer realm, with Zeal Optics jumping in, working a bit of magic and relabeling ’em Transcend. Deemed the planet’s first GPS and sensor-laden ski goggles, these things are purportedly capable of logging speed, altitude, temperature and time details, and the side-mounted toggle switches will enable you to view said data in real time (or not, if you’re paying attention to the 50 foot drop ahead of you). Peek the read link for further details on the $350+ wearables (demoed after the break), and get ready to hit the slopes with a whole new mindset this October.

via Zeal Optics bringing GPS, sensor-laden Transcend ski goggles to market — Engadget.

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HTTMHot Tub Time Machine YouTube

Hot Tub Time Machine

I saw this in the theatre.  I wish I had a HTTM to replay that night.  Ah the memories, the things I would have done…

Take a trip to ’86 aboard the Hot Tub Time Machine ($17-$25). Featuring funny turns from John Cusack, Craig Robinson, and Rob Corddry, Hot Tub is like American Pie for the over-30 crowd, only slightly more humorous, and possibly more vulgar — which is hard to believe, and ultimately, a good thing. Is it funnier than The Hangover, as the cover suggests? No. But it sure beats a Friday night spent watching chick flicks

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