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Rap Bravo Rappel onto a fire near Yale BC

Rap sticker

Duncan Walters of Rap Bravo captured some great footage this month on a fire near Yale BC.  Justin Abiss zips down the rope as the fourth crewmember on a steep and difficult to access fire.  Camera is a Fuji xp 10 point and shoot digicam.

via Rap Bravo Rappel on a fire near Yale BC on Vimeo.

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Surviving the Wires Environment on Vimeo

surviving the wires

If you fly in a helicoter or fixed wing it is becoming more likely you’ll be in the wire environment, either near powerlines or tower guywires.  This informational video does not replace formal training but is an eye opener literally to the hazards associated with low level flying, common in wildfirefighting fixed wing and rotary wing operations.  Stay safe out there.

via Surviving the Wires Environment on Vimeo.

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Garmin | Rino 655t –

Garmin rino 655t screen shotGarmin rino 655t back viewGarmin Rino 655t photo shotGarmin Rino 655t
















All the benefits of the older (slightly) 530-520 series Rinos, the 655t has two new features we at Koldsmoke are digging.  A glove friendly touch screen, and a 5 Megapixel camera with geotagging.  Not available yet, possibly by August and we have our eyes on these for sure.  I absolutely love my Rino 520, and the new touch screen looks like it will be even quicker to enter coordinates by hand, or rename coordinates.  Alas, as I had the only Rino, on the Sockeyes trip to Alberta we weren’t able to use the send waypoints feature, or track our progress on the epic patrols we did through the swampy mosquito infested muskeg.

Garmin | Rino 655t –.

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FireIce by GelTech Solutions

FireIce BottlesFireICE home defense setup

FireIce is an interesting water additive that gels the water and makes it more insulative .  From what I’ve seen on the videos, it would be a good pretreatment product for fuels, ie for wildland use as a fuel break or as an interface structure protection tool.  The pretreatment applications are obvious and the extinguishing features look positive.  The cans are pretty cheap and looks really easy to use, looking forward to more videos and testimonials from Geltech.  GelTech/FireIce

via YouTube – FireIce by GelTech Solutions.

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Journey Bar live fire testing Coconut Curry on Vimeo

Journey Bars on a stumpMathius Muller with Journey Bar
This past week I had the opportunity to test out the Journey Bars that the company sent me to test out.  The first Guinea Pig was Mathius Muller who tried out the Coconut Curry as seen in the video.  After trying it and the Parmesan Romano, he preffered the Parmesan.  The Delta Squad unanimously stated the Parmesan Romano the winner.  However, the Charlie Squad hands down liked the Coconut Curry Flavour.  It was a moot point considering both bars disappeared into hungry firefighters mouths very quickly and I had to make sure everyone was able to try them out, risking bitten fingers in the process.  Simplisticly there are two types of firefighters…those who like Parmesan Romano, and those who like Coconut Curry.  Guess what?  Journey Bar has two new Flavours!!  Wasabi Ginger, and Mesquit Barbecue…Yes Please.  Savoury not Sweet.  Check it out!

Journey Bar

via Journey Bar live fire testing Coconut Curry on Vimeo.

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Black Bear and the Hot Pit Of Fire on Vimeo

DeweyA black bear came and visited Nolan, Corbett and myself one day on Fire SWf088 in good ‘ol Northern Alberta.  He walked around our hotspot for a bit then wandered off.  Very anti-climatic but I jazzed it up a bit.  Enjoy.

Black Bear and the Hot Pit Of Fire on Vimeo on Vimeo





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Nolan’s Chainsaw Tips on Vimeo

Nolan Edwards

Nolan Edward’s series of helpful chainsaw tips.  Here is one of them.  Informative and entertaining.  Moustache is optional.

via Nolans Chainsaw Tips on Vimeo.

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Sockeyes Unit Crew

Sockeyes unit crew

Sockeyes Unit Crew sticker and logo design by Mark Dodsworth

Rapattack is on its way to Hinton Alberta Monday, then on to Slave Lake as a 20 person unit crew, The Sockeyes. Doesn’t happen very often Rapattack forms a unit crew, but wet weather and snow still up in the hills means there isn’t any need for rappel crews in BC and Alberta needs unit crews, so off we go. Should be a good deployment. Thanks Mark for the quick logo work!

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