Propper MCPS Gore-tex Nomex Jacket

Propper MCPS









Still available on some retailer sites, but honestly go to eBay and get it cheaper.  At $700 not too many will buy this great piece of gear, but if you do you’re in Helicopters a lot. (this type 1 version is for non ejectable aircraft only…i.e. helicopters) This jacket developed for the military’s Multi Climate Protective System of outer wear program by Propper will definitely get the job done.  Available in Green and Khaki Nomex FR fabric as the bread and waterproof breathable Gore-tex as the meat laminate. Pants also available for those cool doors-off Autumn flights.  Roomy enough to layer underneath but not so bulky to be cumbersome.  Popping the collar…not mandatory but recommended.

Propper MCPS jacket

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Rapattack 2013 Season Retrospective on Vimeo


Nick Merriman crib









A unique look at British Columbia’s wildfire fighters. These rappel crews deploy by helicopter to remote areas of the province to tackle lightning-strike fires.


Bowspirit by Balmorhea


Filmed and Edited by:
Nick Merriman


Special thanks to everyone at Rapattack for a great summer!

This is a Dubstep Free video…Thanks Nick!!

Rapattack on Vimeo

via Rapattack.

Rapattack from Nick Merriman on Vimeo.


2013 Rookie Video on Vimeo

Rap rookies 2013







Rapattack New Recruit video 2013.  If you know the password, you’re part of Rapattack and are welcome to watch the video.  Great work Dawson, Sam, Matthias and Matt among others.  Congratulations 2013 Rapattack rookies!

2013 Rookie Video on Vimeo on Vimeo

via 2013 Rookie Video on Vimeo.

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Evon Cassier – The Valor Turnout bag

Laptop bag Evon CassierValor turnout jacket bag








Koldsmoke has been getting a lot of great feedback on the valor bag.  Click on the link below for purchase information.  Repurposed turnout gear by Evon Cassier.  Send in your old Jacket and she’ll sew it into something unique.

Evon Cassier – The Valor.

VALOR Bag by Evon Cassier from Evon Cassier on Vimeo.

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Re-Claimed Fire Hose Iphone Covers

reclaimed fire hose iphone covers red black









Using culled fire hose to protect your Iphone is a pretty cool idea.  I’d use aramid hose but don’t tell Tom.  I’d also use it over my Lifeproof case…just saying.  Check them out, lots of different colours to choose from.  Don’t you dare use weeping hose.  Re-claimed fire hose Iphone covers, check them out.

Station Supply Co..


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2012 Rapattack Season-Rap Golf Perspective

2012 Rapattack season- rap golf perspective









2012 Rapattack Season Rap Golf perspective.  Not a really busy season but it was fun!  3 rap targets for Koldsmoke, 2 base changes-Smithers and Vanderhoof, and a whole bunch of memories.  Enjoy.  Password protected…if you know what’s going on Oct 20th and the year, you’re in.

2012 Rapattack Season Rap Golf Perspective from Gabriel Dewey on Vimeo.

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Close Air Support


Airtanker drop 2012 Merrit zone fire








Nolan Edwards compilation of airtankers on a 2012 fire in Merrit zone.  Standby for some hotdogging action at the end. Ska-doosh.


Close Air Support from nolan edwards on Vimeo.

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Agilite IPC Injured Personnel Carrier

agilite ipc














Kind of hard to explain, thank goodness for videos!  Basically a ready made sling system that you can drape around the injured person and then carry said person on your back leaving hands free, to climb ladders or shoot your way to safety or medical aid.  I see this as a potential Crossfit WOD; choose your partner wisely.  Agilite’s website is down so check it out later, until then, here’s the video.

via Agilite IPC Injured Personnel Carrier – YouTube.

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Encountering Space The Fire Lookouts of Montana

Thoma Lookout Night shot















Absolutely life changeing apparently.

“Time spent being a lookout isn’t spent at all. Every day in a lookout is a day not subtracted from the sum of one’s life.” — Fire Season

Before they are all gone, take the time to see what a fire lookout’s life entailed.

Rapattack early start dates March 19, 2012

Encountering Space: The Fire Lookouts of Montana on Vimeo.

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