Hula POV Burning Man


Hula Hoop Girl with Gopro at Burning Man










EVJ eat your heart out.  Would like to see how the rig was set up for the Gopros, but I suppose it wasn’t too complicated.  Burning Man…helluva party.

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Suppression Olympics 2012-team Rapattack 1st in Fitness

Team Rapattack!

A video edit of the 2012 Suppression Olympics showcasing Rapattack’s participation.

2012 Suppression Olympics from BC Rapattack on Vimeo.

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Ken Block’s Rally Exercise Regiment with Ryno Power

Ken Block Workout With Ryno Power

Ken Block’s Rally Exercise Regiment with Ryno Power.  Strength and precision.  Thanks Sully!

via YouTube – Ken Block’s Rally Exercise Regiment with Ryno Power.

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Fight Gone Bad

Rap sticker

Fight gone bad was one of the workouts this week for the Rapattack New Recruits.  Don’t know what Fight Gone Bad is?  Watch the sample video, not from Salmon Arm as you can see by the sun, ha ha.  Good Honest Effort is all we ask of the New Recruits and they ‘gave’r’.  This weekend they are hammering up the stairs in the tower; at least they don’t have to walk down.

via YouTube – fight gone bad 2009 crossfit wod.

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Navy SEAL Goggins Trains in Desert

David GogginsMay 2 marks the day nearly all of the MOF firefighters come back online in BC.  Pack test and Pump Hose test on Monday, (Rap will do theirs on Tuesday; Monday will be Tower annual recerts).  I’m not suggesting we are all equivalent to Navy Seals but this video of David Goggins should inspire greatness.  No matter how much the pump hose test sucks, it’s a drop in the bucket compared to a typical day for Goggins.  I will no longer gripe about IT bands flaring up.


YouTube – Navy SEAL Goggins Trains in Desert.

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Tempest freerunning academy

One of the best and most unique action movies without special effects is District 13.  Watch it in french, with subtitles, Dubbing is for wieners.  Now that you are motivated, check out this video.   Tempest Freerunning academy is brand new and located in LA.  Let’s hope they have a chain opening up in Canada.  Check out the video, and the cool music.  Foam Pit!!

via tempest freerunning academy

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Mike Wilson 99 Foot Rope Swing Quadruple Backflips

Mike wilson 99 foot rope swing“Always keep your eyes open for a rope swing”  Bad boy between Salmon Arm and Revy will be tame from now on.

Mike wilson 99 foot rope swing Quad back flip.

via YouTube – Mike Wilson 99 Foot Rope Swing Quadruple Backflips.

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Crossfit Squamish 2010 BC Sectional Qualifier

Crossfit Squamish Sectional Qualifiers

In March of 2010 the best CrossFitters in BC gathered in Squamish to bang it out in hopes of making it to the CrossFit Games.  Cross Fit isn’t for everyone, heres why.  Good effort to all in the video.  Especially Koldsmoke’s own Rhea Borkowicz-Stewart, and Rapattack’s Soraya Jung.

via 2010 BC Sectional Qualifier on Vimeo.

Cross Fit Squamish

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Irish Hand Dancing

Suzanne Cleary and Peter Harding, aka Up and Over It and Riverdance alumni, have made it their (amusing) mission to show their creative take on the historical Irish dancing form to the world.

via Awesome Stuff – The Awesomer.

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Bruce Lee, Ping Pong

Not much to say other than it’s Bruce Lee, and he’s playing ping pong.  With Nun’chucks.

LikeCOOL, Coolest Gadget Magazine..

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