Perky Jerky – What is Perky Jerky?

Natural caffeine and natural protein.  Crazy not to.  Here’s what they have to say…

Put simply, we’ve created the most tender and tasty beef jerky, flavored with Guarana to provide a jerky experience you won’t find anywhere else.

All natural, no MSG, no preservatives, low carbs: Perky Jerky provides lasting satisfaction with no crash, no sugar rush, and no bloating. Just a great, portable and satisfying snack to boost you to the next level no matter what your pursuit.

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Search Results Tiger Vs Crocodile – The Awesomer

Ah, the circle of life

Tiger vs. Crocodile

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The pond isn’t big enough for these two predators. Supposedly, the tiger in the video was awarded a lifetime achievement award;  not for killing crocs, but for being a major tourist attraction.

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Blender Bottle

Death to Protein Powder Globs

Situation: It’s been a hard workout. Your body is craving protein. To satiate, you make a protein shake, but globs of chocolate protein powder hover around the surface of the glass. You shake, stir, curse, but no amount of force will break it up. Sound familiar?

A recent procurement from the local health store has solved the problem. The Blender Bottle ($10) provides a unique solution to the “protein globs” problem. The simple design includes a small stainless steel wire ball that works similarly to a whisk head. A few shakes disperses a mass of chocolate protein powder and cleanup is a cinch.

The Blender Bottle is available in several different sizes and with a price tag $10, it’s a must have for regular protein shake drinkers. Perfect for quickly mixing up protein drinks, but also works for eggs and a variety of other comestibles.

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