SHEEX Performance Sheets

Sleep-Saxsheex close upSheex travel blanket








Performance fabric for “sleeping”.  Sheex bedding made from athletic fabric, not the 799 thread count Egyptian cotton.  Why not, the travel sheex sax, seems like a comfy good idea for those sketchy Hostel beds, or on an overnight fire to keep your sleeping bag from getting ‘mungy’.

The gist from Sheex:

The development of high-tech performance fibers and fabrics has been a breakthrough in the world of athletic apparel, providing the world’s elite athletes with unmatched comfort and fit to help them perform at their peak. But comfort and performance don’t only matter on the field, the court or the track. Research has shown that better quality sleep can lead to improvments in everything from athletic performance to alertness and mood. SHEEX performance bedding features the latest innovations in breathability, temperature control, moisture management and luxurious comfort to help you sleep better.

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Wave-garden artificial made waves

Take an existing lake or pond, or make a pond and get the people at Wavegarden to make perfect waves inland.  How could you go wrong?  If  I won the lottery this would fit in with my new SUP addiction.  Train here then do the real thing.


Wavegarden (Short) from wavegarden on Vimeo.


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Mike Wilson 99 Foot Rope Swing Quadruple Backflips

Mike wilson 99 foot rope swing“Always keep your eyes open for a rope swing”  Bad boy between Salmon Arm and Revy will be tame from now on.

Mike wilson 99 foot rope swing Quad back flip.

via YouTube – Mike Wilson 99 Foot Rope Swing Quadruple Backflips.

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Exos Technology – Dry heat, custom fit, waterproof splinting, casting, and bracing

short arm fracture brace exos technologyExos technology is the world’s first dry heat, fully customizable, adjustable, reconformable, waterproof splinting, casting and bracing system. This revolutionary technology is designed to dramatically change the clinical practices for external musculoskeletal support and stabilization.

The technology consists of three layers of high tech polymers and foam that when laminated together create a lightweight matrix with features that have multiple benefits for practitioners and their patients. Exos products feature easy to use, clean, waterless application that do not require water, stockinette or cotton padding for application. They are simple to remove and do not necessitate the use of messy, loud, often disturbing cast saws. Exos products provide excellent stabilization with superior comfort for greater patient compliance.

via Exos Technology – Dry heat, custom fit, waterproof splinting, casting, and bracing.

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Aaron Fotheringham

If you think you are having a bad day, just watch this and feel better about your day, or if you are having a great day have an even better day!  Enjoy.

Pix | Aaron Fotheringham.

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Leather Head Melzers Boxing Club Chromexical Medicine Ball



This may very well be the most beautiful piece of fitness equipment we have ever laid eyes on. Context, Leather Head, and Horween teamed up to produce this stunning 12lb, Chromexcel wrapped medicine ball $350 named after Context owner Ryan Hubers grandfather, Melzer Rhey, who used a leather ball just like this one as a Golden Gloves coach for over 50 years. Link

via ACQUIRE – The Latest in Mens Lifestyle, Fashion, Technology, and Culture..

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Ciclotte Exercise bike

Ciclotte Exercise Bike

Yes, it’s ridiculously expensive, but the Ciclotte Exercise Bike ($10,700) is also the only piece of exercise equipment we’ve seen that screams to be seen instead of hidden in a bunker-like home gym. The Ciclotte features a complex dual satellite epicycloid transmission, a carbon-and-alcantara adjustable saddle, a touch-screen display, pedals placed closer to the saddle for correct biomechanics, a slender, unicycle-style frame, and unique carbon handlebars. Getting in shape never looked so good.

via Uncrate | The Buyer’s Guide For Men.

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Adjustable Weight Kettle Bells

laughed, I cried, I cheered.

No, I wasn’t watching an Academy Award winning film, I was participating in my first entirely kettle bell focused workout. Allow me to elaborate.

I laughed when the rep from Weider told me that their Powerbell (an adjustable weight kettle bell) was more than enough to provide a rigorous total body workout.  I cried when I realized I was only halfway through said workout and my body was in the hurt box.  I cheered, euphorically and somewhat pathetically, when the DVD instructor told me I was finished.

Read on for my full review.

I shouldn’t have been so skeptical; after all if kettle bell workouts were good enough for the Spartans from 300 then it’s probably adequate for my humble workout desires.  The problem with kettle bells is that you need to invest in several to provide enough weight options to cover a broad range of exercises.  And that can get prohibitively expensive.  Weider has taken this into consideration when they came up with the Powerbell.  Available in 20 and 40 pound units the Powerbell is comprised of a base unit with removable plates.  The benefit is that a Powerbell functions as 7 kettle bells in one.  As an example the 20 lb Powerbell covers 5 to 20 pounds in 2.5 pound increments.  For anyone looking to build or add to a home gym, purchasing and storing 7 kettle bells seems a little much.  I’m able to manage mine in a Manhattan apt, so I’m confident saying that it should work anywhere.

“The benefit is that a Powerbell functions as 7 kettle bells in one.”

As for working out with kettle bells, count me in.  Standard push/pull weight training is great, but it can’t engage and challenge your body like the twisting, level changing, and core busting moves a kettle bell can accommodate.  I was very impressed by the depth and variety of exercises available to kettle bells.  They bridge both spectrums of the fitness world.  Those who love to lift and those who don’t (or are afraid to) and can create amazing total body routines.

via Weider Powerbells | Adjustable Weight Kettle Bells | Gear Patrol.

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Facebook | The Darfield Earthship

The Darfield Earthship Welcome to our Facebook page! We look forward to all your comments about our experiences building our Earthship. Please also checkout our website at!Darfield Earthship|Building an earthship in Darfield.www.darfieldearthship.comOver the last few days I’ve been trying to set up things to buy cans from a young man we know, Rowan Johnson. Rowan is eight years old and he with help from his parents has set up a job for himself. With permission from the Little Fort Husky, Rowan has set out 5-6 recycling … Read More →

via Facebook | The Darfield Earthship.

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Oxbow Surfboards, North America


The cruiser range is based on great all-round performance in waves and on flat water. Shaped with a long, flat V’ed area through the middle of the rocker in the nose and tail, the Cruiser range ensures good flat water paddling performance while also ensuring easy turning ability while riding waves.

via Oxbow Surfboards, North America.

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