LunchBots Quad All Stainless Caveman Grocer

Lunchbots Quad-suggested servingIf you’re sick of peas in your fruit cobbler, or don’t like your food “touching” the LunchBots Quad all stainless lunchbox is the way to go. Seriously, this good looking reusable alternative to Dad’s big Stanely lunch kit is just the thing for second breakfast, ‘Elevensies, or Lunch.  Caveman Grocer also has two, and three compartment Lunchbots, and different coloured lids.  Check them out, Caveman Grocer has yes you guessed it, more Paleo type goodies.

LunchBots Quad All Stainless | caveman grocer.

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Hula POV Burning Man


Hula Hoop Girl with Gopro at Burning Man










EVJ eat your heart out.  Would like to see how the rig was set up for the Gopros, but I suppose it wasn’t too complicated.  Burning Man…helluva party.

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Suppression Olympics 2012-team Rapattack 1st in Fitness

Team Rapattack!

A video edit of the 2012 Suppression Olympics showcasing Rapattack’s participation.

2012 Suppression Olympics from BC Rapattack on Vimeo.

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Ken Block’s Rally Exercise Regiment with Ryno Power

Ken Block Workout With Ryno Power

Ken Block’s Rally Exercise Regiment with Ryno Power.  Strength and precision.  Thanks Sully!

via YouTube – Ken Block’s Rally Exercise Regiment with Ryno Power.

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Fight Gone Bad

Rap sticker

Fight gone bad was one of the workouts this week for the Rapattack New Recruits.  Don’t know what Fight Gone Bad is?  Watch the sample video, not from Salmon Arm as you can see by the sun, ha ha.  Good Honest Effort is all we ask of the New Recruits and they ‘gave’r’.  This weekend they are hammering up the stairs in the tower; at least they don’t have to walk down.

via YouTube – fight gone bad 2009 crossfit wod.

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Navy SEAL Goggins Trains in Desert

David GogginsMay 2 marks the day nearly all of the MOF firefighters come back online in BC.  Pack test and Pump Hose test on Monday, (Rap will do theirs on Tuesday; Monday will be Tower annual recerts).  I’m not suggesting we are all equivalent to Navy Seals but this video of David Goggins should inspire greatness.  No matter how much the pump hose test sucks, it’s a drop in the bucket compared to a typical day for Goggins.  I will no longer gripe about IT bands flaring up.


YouTube – Navy SEAL Goggins Trains in Desert.

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Tempest freerunning academy

One of the best and most unique action movies without special effects is District 13.  Watch it in french, with subtitles, Dubbing is for wieners.  Now that you are motivated, check out this video.   Tempest Freerunning academy is brand new and located in LA.  Let’s hope they have a chain opening up in Canada.  Check out the video, and the cool music.  Foam Pit!!

via tempest freerunning academy

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SHEEX Performance Sheets

Sleep-Saxsheex close upSheex travel blanket








Performance fabric for “sleeping”.  Sheex bedding made from athletic fabric, not the 799 thread count Egyptian cotton.  Why not, the travel sheex sax, seems like a comfy good idea for those sketchy Hostel beds, or on an overnight fire to keep your sleeping bag from getting ‘mungy’.

The gist from Sheex:

The development of high-tech performance fibers and fabrics has been a breakthrough in the world of athletic apparel, providing the world’s elite athletes with unmatched comfort and fit to help them perform at their peak. But comfort and performance don’t only matter on the field, the court or the track. Research has shown that better quality sleep can lead to improvments in everything from athletic performance to alertness and mood. SHEEX performance bedding features the latest innovations in breathability, temperature control, moisture management and luxurious comfort to help you sleep better.

via SHEEX Performance Sheets.

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Journey Bar


Savoury flavours in a food bar?  Easy to eat texture?  Ingredient list that sounds like food?  Journeybar food bars began in 2010, and I welcome this addition to the food bar world.  Rapattack, hikers, and people on the go generally turn to food bars and energy bars because they are easy to pack, easy to eat(sometimes), and keep well.  Problem is they usually taste like punky sawdust packed in low grade molasses.  Or even if they taste ok the flavours usually are more like dessert than a meal.  Coconut Curry and Parmesan Romano are the only flavours so far and lets hope that they keep up the good work and forgo the urge to make chocolate covered river sand.

Our Story | Journey Bar.

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Wave-garden artificial made waves

Take an existing lake or pond, or make a pond and get the people at Wavegarden to make perfect waves inland.  How could you go wrong?  If  I won the lottery this would fit in with my new SUP addiction.  Train here then do the real thing.


Wavegarden (Short) from wavegarden on Vimeo.


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