Luminox Recon Nav SPC

Luminox Recon Nav SPC

















Tritium, Analog, and 200m water resistance.  Koldsmoke approved!  The upcoming Luminox Recon Nav SPC watch is part of the new Recon series watches.  The Nav SPC is the navigation specialist, featuring a removable compass, a walking tach on the dial(no word on how to actually use this on the Luminox website), and several common distance scales on the strap.  Unrelated to navigation but very handy is the GMT feature on the watch, great for dispatches to SE fire centre.  Nice touches…Tritium tube on the second hand, and on the index of the timing bezel.  Anitreflective Sapphire glass in the crystal and a Swiss Rhonda Quartz movement make this a trusty wrist instrument for the under $500 range.  It hasn’t been released yet, stay tuned.

New Models | Luminox.

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Vostok Amphibian Classic

Vostok Amphibia Black dial Automatic watch









Not to be confused with Vostok-Europe, a Lithuanian watch company, Vostok-inc watch company is a true Russian wrist watch manufacturer.  Vostok has a proprietary automatic movement(vostok 2416b) in it’s watches; there is no need for batteries or winding, just wear the watch and it runs.  Koldsmoke likes this style above the best, with the unique to Vostok black and red bezel with the dots and dashes. The amphibian classics feature  200m water resistance, screw down crown, and date.  Oh yeah, it’s yours for well under $100.  This is the brand of watch Bill Murray wore in The Life Aquatic (ships wheel and anchor on the face).  Caveats…the crystal is not sapphire so be careful not to scratch it, the lume is apparently not so great, and the bezel is not a true diver, it spins both ways.  For $100 bucks, no one’s complaining, for a piece of unique wrist candy from a “…little town on the kama river”

Amphibian Classic 710394

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Deep Blue Daynight 65 T-100 Tritium Automatic Swiss Chronograph

Deep Blue Daynight 65 T-100 valjoux 7750

deep blue daynight 65 T100 Lume shot

Deep Blue Daynight 65 t-100 caseback detailSwiss Valjoux 7750 automatic movement.  Gaseous Tritium Light Source.  Basically a Marathon Pilot chronograph or SMW clone, which ya it sort of is with it’s 500m depth rating, 200 more than the Marathon or SMW.  Let’s talk about lume.  65 Tritium tubes!…the previous models only have 14 and 15 respectively.  The subdial hands each have a tritium tube as do all the second and hour indexes and minute and Hour hand.  If the sweeping second hand had a tritium tube Koldsmoke would be in heaven but alas it does not.  Superluminova rounds out the rest of the lume for a scorching bright dial.  A 4mm anti reflective sapphire crystal is a nice touch as well.  Koldsmoke rarely talks about price but in this case the Deep Blue watch is going for half of what the Marathon or SMW go for new.  Send it over to IWW for a DLC PVD coat for that custom look.



Daynight 65 T-100 Trituim Automatic Swiss Chronograph- Black Dial – DAYNIGHT – T100 TRITIUM SWISS VALJOUX AUTO CHRONOGRAPH COLLECTION.

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Wilson Watch Works

wilson watch works Ground force pvd

wilson watch works pilot chronograph

















A small company doing some really interesting and fairly reasonably priced wrist watches.  They also have a license to sell Marathon watches, a favorite of Koldsmoke.  Most of the watches are limited runs so if you like something, snap it up.  Check the site periodically for new projects.  Although I’d prefer not to have to wind a watch, the pilot watches look pretty cool, but they do have the standard Valjoux 7750 automatic chrono, and the ETA 2824 on some of the models.  For the complete story click the link below.


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Human Time Project | Buy One Watch, Give Another

human_time_project_watch green nato strap

For 98 bucks, you get a cool simple watch, and someone else is given the same watch.  Don’t think too hard about it, seems pretty cool.  The other person just so happens to be an aid worker in a third world country.  Htp1 too big?  The Htpm is more modestly sized.  check out the website.  Be warned the canteen style pseudo dive watch(only 50m water resistant, it probably shouldn’t even be used in the shower) is large, and the crown is massive.

Human Time Project | Buy One Watch, Give Another.

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Adanac Gamma Master II

ww194017l Adanac Gamma Master II

For the guy/gal who has everything but probably not this radiation detecting watch sold on the Marathon Watch Co. website.  Come visit Beautiful Chernobyl!  I hear it’s beautiful this time of year.  Marathon’s description, it’s a bit technical:

Adanac Gamma Radiation Detector/Counter

The wrist watch dosimeter is a radiation detection and measurement instrument that looks like an ordinary wrist watch. The watch provides continuous monitoring and provides readout of cumulative dose and current dose rate.

The audible alarm alerts you when your preset dose and dose rate thresholds are exceeded.

Features a backlit display for nighttime operation and water resistant to a depth of 100 metres.

  • Gamma-Radiation Detector/Counter featuring Geiger-Muller Tube Sensor
  • Measurement of Dose Equivalent Rate (DER) and Dose Equivalence (DE)

The ADANAC GAMMA-RADIATION DETECTOR/COUNTER detects Gamma Radiation and converts data into Dose Equivalent Rate (DER) and Dose Equivalence (DE) which is accumulated exposure. These figures DER and DE allow the user to keep track of radiation level (DER) in their present environment and to estimate the potential accumulated exposure of Gamma Radiation.


(1) The Dose Equivalence (DE) is the accumulated quantity of Gamma Radiation. The unit that the DE is measured is Seivert (Sv).

(2) The Dose Equivalent Rate (DER) is the quantity of Gamma Radiation exposure per time unit. The DER unit of measurement for this Radiation Counter is Sievert per Hour (Sv/h).

  • User Set DER and DE Alarm Function. This alarm triggers when radiation thresholds are tripped.
  • DER indication / DER Threshold Range: 0.01 to 9999.99 μSv/h
  • DE indication / DE Threshold Range: 0.001 to 9999.999 mSv
  • DE Accumulation Time Range: 1 to 9999 hours
  • Accuracy of indicate of DER: ± 20%
  • Accuracy of indication of DE: ± 20%
  • Total memory for DER record: 500 reading records
  • Energy Range: -0.06 to 1.5 MeV


  • Time: hour, minute, second
  • Calendar: month date

Analogue Watch

  • Hour, minute and second Hand
  • Hour index found on outer bezel for clarity


  • Adanac Gamma- Radiation Detector / Counter with Polonium 210 Detector
  • Accumulated Gamma-Radiation Over Time
  • Radiation Alarm Alert
  • Recordable memory
  • Data transfer capable
  • Digital and Analogue Time with alarm and EL backlight
  • Black dial features luminous hands and hour markings.
  • Luminous Features on dial and hands are powered by luminous MARA

Watch, Wrist, Adanac GRD (Gamma Radiation Detector/Counter) – Product Catalog – Marathon Watch Company Ltd.


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Patek Philippe Wrist Watch Tale

Patek Philippe Wrist watchWhat a great story, and what a stand up company to do such a nice thing.  Watch the video, pretty cool.  Patek Philippe swiss watch company does good, again.



Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

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Hands-On with the d.m.h. Jump Hour on Vimeo

dmh jump hour steel dialdmh jump hour black dials

He starts with a Tenor-Dorly(Swiss) jump hour movement, then Fred Dingemans does the rest.  If you want a fully unique rugged and rare watch (24 units a year) for less than a mass produced heavily marketed piece of wrist candy(supposedly the Seamaster was a gift from his Mom; I’d never take it off either ), click the link below. provided the video extolling the virtues of this sure to get noticed time piece.

via Hands-On with the d.m.h. Jump Hour on Vimeo.


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STØLÅS – Special Limited Edition Tsunami Edition

STOLAS Gennaker For Tsunami ReliefHelp out Japan, go to the STØLÅS website and buy the special limited to 10 Gennaker special limited edition Tsunami Edition, partial proceeds go to a Japanese relief fund and you get a cool dive watch, with Lumed bezel, attractive black dial with limited edition Japanese archipelago logo.  I like the signature STØLÅS lightning seconds hand.

STØLÅS – Special Limited Edition Tsunami Edition.

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CWC – Cabot Watch Company – SBS Divers Watch

CWC sbs dive watchKoldsmoke once again presents a military inspired dive watch, not because it’s a trendy style these days, but because they are built to a high standard and can take a beating.  The Cabot Watch Company SBS divers watch, an alternative to the Marathon battleships.  Mineral crystal, not as scratch resistant as sapphire, but able to withstand shock better.  Pvd coating(physical vapour deposition-protective black case), on  a high quality diver under $1000, hard to come by, believe me when I tell you I’ve checked.  An interesting retro style tritium application on the hands, a pleasant alternative to the GTLS style.  This watch is battery powered, so you can argue is more accurate, or if you have more than one watch, less maintenance to keep it running, or no maintenance.  Just a hair under the cost of an automatic Marathon, but you get what you pay for as there are a lot of low quality cheap copies of this watch.  300m water resistance, good luck testing that champ, this watch will exceed your needs for a great looking, all purpose time piece.

CWC description:

Cabot Watch CompanyRoyal Marines SBS divers watch black with day/dateCWC produces this watch for issue to Royal Marines special boat service. Superb watch that is built to take the toughest use. Black case will not peel or crack. 300 metre water-resistant, day and date function, battery low indicator, tritium markers, one-way time elapse rotating bezel. In current service with SBS today. Highly accurate quartz movement. 100% Swiss-made using Swiss components and assembled to the highest standards of construction.

via CWC – Cabot Watch Company | SBS Divers Watch.

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