Traser H3 Military Tritium P 5900 Type 3 Watch

traser 5900 Black with Steel bezelNearly every clothing manufacturer has a military “style” watch in their repertoire, and most of the designer folks out there have put a Nato strap on their swiss dive watch to “military it up a bit.”  As you know I like watches, and have been looking for a Koldsmoke suitable version of the canvas strap, simplistic-lines utility watch the Military “style” requires.  The Traser H3 P5900 fits the bill.  Smaller diameter -37mm- sub $200, and Tritium were the Koldsmoke requirements.  Chunky huge diameter dive watches have their place too, but we are trying to fit a niche.  I was very close to using the Marathon pilots watch for this post but something about the steel ring on the Traser caught my eye, and the price, which is almost half that of the Marathon.  Although built to actual military specs(MIL-W-46374F) this is not an officially military commissioned watch, which is probably why you can actually buy this from a regular retail website.  The lugs are 18mm, so you can customize with Maratac watch bands, and be crazy cutting edge trendy, while actually having a real, functional, sturdy watch, and can tell the time in the dark, without shining a light on the hands to charge the luminosity.

Buy : Traser H3 Military Tritium P 5900 Type 3 Watch.

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Forged Steel Knife



Art History majors, here is an essay topic for you-compare and contrast the Forged Steel Knife above with Michelangelo’s Slave Awakening sculpture.  Or not, just use this unorthodox but beautiful knife for your everyday humdrum slicing tasks, but look cool doing it.


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Ratcheting Wrenches


Ratcheting Wrenches


This type of wrench is about the only way I was able to get the nut off the CPS sensor on my truck.  a socket wouldn’t fit, open ended was too tedious and difficult.  Greatest invention ever when it’s needed.

Get your weekend project done quickly and easily with the Craftsman Ratcheting Wrench Set $40. This handy set includes seven wrenches — metric sizes 10 thru 15 + 17mm — and feature a universal teeth design that can grip and turn six different types of nuts and bolts, meaning less time spent digging in the toolbox and more time watching pre-game shows.

via Uncrate | The Buyers Guide For Men.

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Klymit Inertia Pad


klymit inertia sleeping mat


klymit inertia sleeping mat top view


Seems like they made this pad especially for Rapattack fires.  Overnighting in the Walrus, I usually fall asleep before I get into my sleeping bag, and I only use a 3/4 length inflatable pad anyway so I’d like to give the inertia a try.  With proper tent location this would probably be very comfy and the weight savings/space savings an excellent choice. I suspect almost two 500ml water bottles of weight savings over the usual pads Rap uses.

Portable camping mats like this Klymit Interia are great if you have a backpack with limited space. The portable camping mat is perfect for camping and the outdoors, comes with a small pump and is extremely lightweight.

The Klymit Interia can fit into a small beer can without reducing the air or argon insulation chambers that provide protection against the cold. These chambers support the body only where it is needed. No matter if lying on your back or on your side, the head, shoulders, pelvis and legs are isolated from the ground. You can buy this Klymit Interia Camping Matt for a price of $100.

Klymit website

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Started in 2007, (aka the Internet Movie Firearms Database) is now fully loaded with an arsenal of guns used in nearly every movie, TV show, video game and anime.




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Serbu Super Shorty



Not a chance this can be even thought about in Canada but we can always dream.  Loaded with slugs, a great way to piss off a grizzly, and make him eat you faster.  But hey, how about that inflated sense of self confidence because it fits in your back pack?   Great tactical shotgun in certain situations, more of a tool than a weapon, small size means portability, portability means you’ll have it on you rather than left behind.  With a door breacher muzzle, a quick way to enter a building theoretically (3 shots – two hinges and the lock) with the right ammo.  Just ask Hicks from Aliens if he regretted having a ‘Shotty’ with him looking for the colonists.

The SUPER-SHORTY is based on a Mossberg Maverick (also available on Mossberg 500 or Remington 870 at additional cost) 12-gauge shotgun which came from the factory with a pistol grip. Because of this, the SUPER-SHORTY is considered an AOW (Any Other Weapon) and can be transferred with a $5 stamp! The gun holds two 2-3/4″ or 3″ shells in the magazine, plus one in the chamber. The 16.5″ overall length, 6.5″ barrel and spring-locked foregrip, which pivots out of the way when not in use, make for a very compact package. As far as we know, this is the shortest 12-gauge pump shotgun available. All parts for the SUPER-SHORTY are made in-house on our own CNC machinery using materials ideally suited to the task. All welds are done by the TIG process, and the manganese phosphate finish is MIL-spec. The SUPER-SHORTY is currently being used by various law enforcement agencies and military units worldwide. If you like the idea of concealed carry with a 12-gauge, or like a lot of “bang” in a small package, or just want the most compact breaching weapon available, then this is the gun for you. You won’t find a better made AOW pump shotgun than the SUPER-SHORTY!

via Super Shorty.

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Cloud Cutter

Cloud-CutterThis is a new collaboration between Jimmy Fikes and Don Fogg. The blade is forged 1095 high carbon steel selectively hardened and polished to show a beautiful hamon. The sword overall length is 30.75″, the cutting edge is 16.25″ with the widest point being 2.375″. The versatility of this design is readily apparent once it is in your hand. By extending the handle length you have the power of a two handed sword. By choking up on the handle it functions like a large camp knife.  After further research I discovered this great looking knife inspired the JfCC by American Kami, JFCC = Jim Fikes Cloud Cutter.  The original is far more beautiful, and spendy ($2,500)and rare, they made only one and it was sold.  Jim Fikes and Don Fogg.  In my Dad’s parlance, the design incorporates a “Working Edge”, the back of the blade that curves forward like a kukri or hatchet, and the “Party Edge” the other side of the blade with a more traditional curve.  Keep the party edge sharp!

via Cloud Cutter.

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What is

Essentially you sign up to promotive, you apply for a team or teams, and if you qualify you get great discounts on cool equipment.  135 plus brands, 100s of teams, lots of savings on the stuff you use everyday. is a software as a service company based in Salt Lake City that also serves as home to, our online retail training business. We´re staffed by brand—savvy, technically—gifted people who understand the nuances of word—of—mouth marketing and know how to connect brands with the customers that best represent their products.

  • is a product of SwarmBuilder, a word-of-mouth marketing company that also trains retail salespeople on
  • was created as a way to connect companies with influential brand advocates online.
  • The goal of is to increase brand visibility and sales by offering discounts to high-profile product users.

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Camera Retractor





With many different options to prevent loss of tools, weapons or keys, GEAR KEEPER [um] gear keepers are the answer to everyones key problem at least.  Nearly every conceivable type of retractor is available for whatever thing you don’t want lost.  [Chapstick ]Tactical Flashlight?  Check.  Glock 22, (full frame in .40)?  Check.  That girls number she wrote on a cd case?  Maybe.

Camera Retractor.

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Glow in the Dark (GID) Paracord

Glow in the Dark paracord lume shot

It might not be as blazingly bright as some other GID paracord out there but The 5Star Cord Premium Glow In The Dark Paracord appears to be the closest to actual 550 paracord, in appearance and strength.  Zipper pull cords, survival bracelets, knife handle wraps all could use a little lume in the dark.  My fav use would be for those late night tent set ups on the fire-line as I tend to trip on the guy lines.

Quick Facts Guide about 5Star P-GID Paracord:

Uses Three GID Tracers
Tight Outer Nylon Weave Reduces Snags & Increases Strength
UV Resistant
Non-Bleeding Colours
3mm Diameter (+/- .2mm)
7 Tight Twist Inner Cores, Increases Strength
Break Strength of 400lbs
100% USA Made Inside & Out
Colours Matched With All Other 5Star Paracord Series
Low Stretch and Shrink Factor

The Facts Explained:

The 5Star Cord Premium Glow In The Dark Paracord (P-GID) Series takes the popular C-550 5Star Paracord and adds in three GID Tracers. During the day the tracers look to be a opaque/white, but when the lights go out, the tracers give off a green glow. The glow when fully charged will last for up to 8hrs. To charge it simply shine a bright light, sunlight, or UV light on it. The longer you leave it to charge, the brighter and longer it will glow.

The P-GID uses the same nylon outer shell as other 5Star Paracord Series with a extra tight weave. This results in reduced snagging and increases the strength.

By inherent nature the use of the nylon outer sheath on the P-GID makes it highly UV Resistant. It also makes it Mildew & Rot resistant.

The P-GID uses the same 7 core fibres as the C-550 Series. This gives the cord a break test of 400 pounds. While 150 pounds less than that of the C-550 series due to the GID tracers not being as strong as the standard nylon fibres used. Still 400lbs is more than most will need in most situations.

The Colours of the P-GID won’t bleed when wet and will match that of other 5Star Paracord Series product range.

The P-GID is 100% made in the USA, including all materials used in its construction. No imported materials are used in its construction.

The P-GID has a low stretch factor thanks to the tight outer weave and the tight twist inner cores. So you won’t be constantly adjusting and if it gets wet it won’t shrink into a ball of tangles and twist when it dries.

The Cord has a diameter of 3mm with a idustry standard variance of +/- .2mmGlow in Dark paracord

Kelly Green Glow In Dark Paracord P-GID – Five Star Cord.

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