Leatherman Raptor Medic Multi-Tool

Leatherman Raptor sheath Leather man raptor J-knife detail leatherman-raptor-xl















Medic scissors with a few extra goodies to make a pretty rad all in one EMT tool.  Along with a good set of shears is the j-knife for cutting seatbelts quickly, a ruler, a glass breaker, and a integrated oxygen bottle wrench.  Koldsmoke likes the way the tool can be broken down to be more compact when they aren’t needed for quick draw use as scissors.  Available May of this year, Koldsmoke team member Mikael will be sporting this Leatherman Raptor Medic Multi-Tool as soon as it’s available.  Congrats on passing your EMT fit test Mike!


Leatherman Multi-Tools, Knives, and Military and Law Enforcement Tools.

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How-To Field Strip and Clean an AR-15 Rifle with Ashley

Clean an AR-15 with Ashley







Shot Show starts Monday in Vegas.  Here’s Ashley cleaning an AR-15.  Enjoy.

via How-To Field Strip and Clean an AR-15 Rifle with Ashley | EyeHandy.com.

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Gentleman’s Survival Kit

gentleman's survival kit DetailGentleman's survival kit 2

Christmas is coming…an inspirational home-made gift idea.  Check out the full story by clicking the link below.  Make your own this holiday season.  This kit was specially made for the situation the creator encountered but I’m sure Koldsmoke fans can come up with their own ideas and variations.  Happy gifting.

Gentleman’s Survival Kit.

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Gransfors Bruks Axe Forge Tour

axe head gransfors









The guy in the video goes on a tour of the axe manufacturer’s Swedish facility.  Very cool, er hot, love the automatic hammer with the different hammer shapes.  Thanks Trever, axe porn indeed!

via Gransfors Bruks Axe Forge Tour – YouTube.

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Agilite IPC Injured Personnel Carrier

agilite ipc














Kind of hard to explain, thank goodness for videos!  Basically a ready made sling system that you can drape around the injured person and then carry said person on your back leaving hands free, to climb ladders or shoot your way to safety or medical aid.  I see this as a potential Crossfit WOD; choose your partner wisely.  Agilite’s website is down so check it out later, until then, here’s the video.

via Agilite IPC Injured Personnel Carrier – YouTube.

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Mobil Medic Trauma Gear-tactical series Trauma Molle Backpack


TACBKPK2mobil medic strap detailTACBKPK3-mobil-medic side viewTacBKPK1Mobil-medic-back view
















The problem with finding a good tactical style medic bag, is if you want it to come stocked, the price goes through the roof.  The Mobil Medic Molle backpack comes stocked, albeit with a basic first aid compliment, for under 200 dollars.  With that price point you can add, or replace or upgrade the guts of the bag as needed. Molle attachments enable pouches to be attached on the outside of the pack to suit the requirements of the worksite, or for personal gear you don’t want mixed in with the important interior supplies.  Koldsmoke looks forward to Tims review of the Mobil Medic Pack.  Click the link for more cool medic gear and the list of equipment the pack comes with.  Nice spot Tim!

Mobil Medic Trauma Gear – EMS, EMT, SAR, Emergency First Responder Gear, Trauma Kits, Trauma Gear, Medical Service Kits – Tactical Series Trauma MOLLE Backpack Kit (Powered by CubeCart).

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2011 Zombie Safe House Competition Golden Shovel Winner

Vagabond Mobile Safehouse device backpack detail

Vagabond zombie shelter interior detail

Vagabond Mobile Safe House street view









Vagabond Mobile Safehouse Device Gold Shovel Award winner.  A wearable backpack shelter, quickly deployable in case of a wandering zombie horde or impromptu “occupy 99% situation”.   To see the other winners of the competition click the link.  To see larger pics of the structure click the two upper pics.
2011 Zombie Safe House Competition.

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Handmade Portraits: The Sword Maker on Vimeo

Sword Maker









Korehira Watanabe explains how he got into sword making, and how his passion has evolved in this very well shot short film.  2:01, geek-out on the Ō-kissaki, the Mokume Hada and Sogu Hamon.

via Handmade Portraits: The Sword Maker on Vimeo.

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BigDog Overview Boston Dynamics

Big Dog









I can’t even describe how weird and strange this looks.  I can think of a number of times a gas powered pup dog would have been useful.  Squirrel!

via BigDog Overview (Updated March 2010) – YouTube.

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GoPro HD Hero2 Helmet Cam






The juggernaut that is GoPro just dropped a massive product explosion on the market with it’s Hero2 cam. 11 Megapixels from 5.  2 times clearer lense.  More intuitive lcd screen are the biggest improvements.   FYI, if you wanna film underwater, you have to buy an aftermarket non OE flat lense housing or the image is essentially poor quality, or exactly like what you see if you swim without a dive mask – dissapointing footage of blurry sea turtles and dolphins on a recent trip to Hawaii’s big Island with the stock housing.  The new wifi bacpack allows remote operation through a wifi network and a mobile device or laptop, as well as live streaming to the web or harddrive.  You can do this with up to 50 cameras.  Other features include an easier to understand LCD screen and more led lights indicating on off, more choices with field of view and frames per second, and for time lapse 1/.5 sec shots as well as the choices from the previous model.  GoPro HD Hero2 Helmet Cam.

Comparison Chart Showing all the new features GOPRO

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