RollPro III – Organizer Case for GoPro by Mike Bratcher

GoPro RollPro KickstarterGoPro rollpro overhead view









RollPro III, a tool roll for up to 3 GoPro cameras.  Kickstarter project that at the time of the post needs about 3 grand more then it’s good to Go (ahem) Pro.  Watch the video, looks very slick.  Good Luck Mike!


via RollPro III – Organizer Case for GoPro by Mike Bratcher — Kickstarter.

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DragonPlate Carbon Fiber Composite Components

flame-retardant veneer Dragon Plate


Large-Round-Tubes-Dragon Plate






Carbon Fiber Honeycomb core Dragon Plate






Dragon Plate carbon fiber structural components, a candy store of carbon fiber.  Premade pieces, tubes, I-beams, corner pieces, and without the annoying ‘call for pricing’, just click add to cart and it’s that easy though not the most cheap depending on size.  Don’t see what you want, they also do custom shapes and designs for a reasonable cost.  The nomex honey comb sheets have me drooling.  Not a clue what I’d use it for but it would be rad.  Super duper Seal Team Six Stand Up Paddle Boards that have a low radar signature?  Maybe. Prob doesn’t even exist.


DragonPlate Carbon Fiber Composite Components – Carbon Fiber Sheet, carbon fiber sheets, Nomex, Square Tubes & Splices, Carbon Fiber Panel, Carbon Fiber Tube & Rod.

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DUAL Universal Bluetooth GPS Receiver

Dual Bluetooth GPS reviever

detailed_screen bluetooth gps reviever app
















Pair this bluetooth linkable portable gps reviever with your smart phone and bam…better gps accuracy.  Albeit if you are in a cell network or wifi area this is redundant but for us folks in BC, that isn’t always the case, especially if you’re out on the fireline or flying around looking for a land mark  for your 30 min check in to fire center, or trying to locate the nearest fuel cache.  Not to replace dead reckoning but as a tool to aid in the ever more precise game of navigation.

How It Works | Hundreds of Compatible Apps | Universal Bluetooth GPS Receiver for Today’s Most Popular Handheld Devices | Where to Buy.

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Powertrekk | A fuel cell charger for instant power anywhere

powertrekk fuel cell charger










Don’t get too exited, although at first glance this looks amazing.  Add water, and boom, power for your usb devices.  The more I looked into this the less enthusiastic I became, the water aspect is cool, but the 12$ power puck that wears out over an indeterminate number of charges(couldn’t find how long the puck would last in any sort of understandable format) is not as cool.  This is an amazing idea, and why I am including this post on Koldsmoke, but for 199$ plus the 12$ pucks, that are much bigger than a AA cell, I’m not going to race out and buy one, not when there are alternatives like the Elecom AA iphone charger which is essentially the same thing-without the water, and instead of pucks, (that are nearly the size of the hockey variety) 4 AA cells.  Keep your eye on this company and see how they do in the future.

Powertrekk | A fuel cell charger for instant power anywhere.

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Liquid Image Ego Cam

Liquid Image ego cam size white

ego cam black white red blue yellow









Coming in June, Liquid Image Ego cam.  150 bucks, full 1080p HD, and many colours, this is positioned to be an alternative to the GOPRO Hero2, not a ‘me too’ offering like what  AEE has.  Wifi connectivity built in(gopro hero2 has a wifi backpack ad on), which is good, apparently no bluetooth which is bad(wifi on those mountain peaks is not here yet!).  No screen on the back; so bad, unless there is wifi and you can set up your shot via your smartphone.  At 150 dollars, and similar specs to the Gopro hero2, and waterproof to 10 feet without protective housing, on paper it looks like a great way to get into the pov market without throwing down 300 bucks for a Hero2.

via CES 2012 – Liquid Image Ego HD Demo – YouTube.

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Mystery Ranch Backpacks

Line Pack Mystery Ranch









Many packs and accessories to choose from, Mystery Ranch has what you need to hold your gear.  Really like the look of their Firefighting line packs and the Military style packs they carry.  Check out their website, too many to list here.  Thanks DC!


Here is what they say about themselves:

Dana has been a leading designer in the backpacking industry for more than 30 years, beginning as a repair tech in gear shops – often improving the packs in the process! He went on to create Dana Design, a company whose packs still are recognized for their ruggedness and breakthroughs in load carrying technology. K2 Corporation bought Dana Design in 1995 and Dana formed Mystery Ranch in 2000 to further hone his design skills and to satiate his need to tinker with packs.

Dana’s design philosophy is simple: make exceptionally comfortable, incredibly durable packs for people who depend on their gear. And keep in mind that those people will probably be carrying very, very heavy loads and odd-shaped items: skis, hunting rifles, even military radio equipment.

Easier said than done, but Dana works hands-on with Mystery Ranch designs every day, striving to bring his philosophy to each new pack. That requires constant innovation, fresh thinking and a willingness to try new techniques, materials and technology. For feedback on his innovations, Dana relies on the Mystery Ranch crew and other pack users who use our gear in the most extreme conditions imagineable.

Mystery Ranch | Mystery Ranch Backpacks.

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Topbrewer – Scanomat












The Scanomat topbrewer is nothing really new, there are lots of automatic coffee machines out there, but the difference with the Scanomat version, all the machinery is under the counter, so the hopper, resevoir, and spent grounds container can be bigger, and less obtrusive under the counter.  Oh yeah, and you can synch it to an ipad or iphone.  Boom.  Confused, check the video.

Topbrewer – Scanomat.

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Elecom iPod AA Battery Charger


elecom AA Ipod charger









I already know what you’re gonna say, AA batteries, what’s the point?  Well during the summer AA batteries are readily available and run our GPS, Camera, Weather Station etc.  Having a quick and easy way of giving your Iphone juice so you can make that call to FireCenter,or text the Zone Responese officer or to send an email in the Heli after the fire, I say is a good idea.  Koldsmoke especially likes the USB port so you can use your Ipod brand cable in the event your after market case (lifeproof) accepts only this or you need to use the phone as it’s charging and don’t want to have a clunky battery hanging off the end of your iphone.  At $50 how can you go wrong?  One set of 4 AA’s gives 100% battery life to your phone.

Elecom DE-A01D-1908 iPhone, iPod AA Battery Charger – DE-A01D-1908 |

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Zeal Optics Z3 GPS Goggle

z3 inside view









z3 goggle

Click on Image for larger view











The Zeal Transcend goggle was revolutionary, but gigantic on your noggin.  Enter the new improved Z3 goggle from Zeal, and gps guts from Recon Instruments.  Smaller, sleeker and with remote wireless controls, the Z3 is what the Transcend wanted to be all along, thinner, easier and lighter.  Not true HUD but a small screen to the side of the lense shows altitude, speed and other info while you’re hammering down the slopes.  From what I can gather the GPS navigation aspect is only accessible after the fact when you hook the goggles to a computer and upload the info.  Apparently with an upgrade from Recon, if you pair the device with an Android phone via bluetooth, real time navigation will stream through the goggle display.

I can see this being a real benefit for snowmobilers, and skiers and riders who want to claim speed.  At well over 500$ I’m not rushing out to grab a pair, but soon the price will go down.

via Zeal Optics Z3 GPS Goggle – YouTube.

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Quadrotor Heli doing tricks

Quadrotor looking rad









Can’t wait for the full scale tests on these quad rotors.  Sure there are millions of videos of this around but thought I’d showcase the talent of the operator in this outdoor video.  Oh, turn up the volume, the sound is an integral part of the viewing pleasure.

via mwc quad // mt2208 motor on Vimeo.

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