feiyu tech WG – Wearable Gimbal

feiyu tech wg wearable gimbal

















Feiyu-Tech WG Wearable Gimbal!  Finally a self contained portable gimbal for Gopro and other similar cameras. Multiple mounting options, compact design and 3 hours of battery life. Get silky smooth Gopro footage without it looking like herky jerky amateur Gopro footage. The WG is the top of the Wearable line up, they have other models for other cams and simpler models with fewer axis of stabilization but more compact form factor.


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The Hexo+ is a 6 rotor helicopter that follows you and frames the shot…automatically.  You can be the talent and the film crew at the same time.  How cool is that?  Click the link to support this endeavor on Kickstarter.

via HEXO+: Your Autonomous Aerial Camera by Squadrone System — Kickstarter.

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BACK-BONE GoPro camera MOD

Back bone Gopro mod












Back-Bone is a company that sells a hardware mod that converts your GoPro Black+ so that you can connect your own lens to the popular action cam.  Essentially you are saving money on the camera (which is no slouch) and able to upgrade to your hearts content the lens for your black and white noir vid for cinema class. Focus, zoom, no fisheye are now possible.  The kit does require some surgery to your GoPro and absolutely voids the warranty but if this makes you nervous the company does sell pre assembled mods, albeit at a more premium price.  Check out the vid.  Back-Bone GoPro camera MOD.

back bone mod kit with c mount lens


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BAROCOOK Flameless cooking

barocook cafe mug









Barocook is essentially the same technology in MRE’s flameless heaters but in a more user friendly set of cook ware.  Digging the thermos style use case of hot coffee on an IA fire.

::: BAROCOOK :::.

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FLIR ONE™ personal thermal imager by FLIR® – See the Heat










An attachment for your Iphone 5(s) and android soon that gives you Predator vision.  Interesting to see if this device could aid in cold trailing an IA fire.  Could it see a hotspot under a meter of Duff?  We’ll see this spring for around $350.

FLIR ONE™ personal thermal imager by FLIR® – See the Heat.

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The Dash Wireless Smart Headphones

dash wireless smart headphones 2









Dash wireless smart headphones







In ear everything…wireless, tether less earbuds with bluetooth connectivity to your smart phone and 4g of internal storage.  Bone mic, and other sensors for heart rate, cadence and distance enable the user to excercise with just the one device stuck in their ears.  As a kickstarter venture the Dash has basically hit it out of the park exceeding their goal of 260,000 bucks.  Yup with less than a month to go they  have nearly 3 million pledged.  Check it out.  The Dash Wireless Smart Headphones

The Dash – Wireless Smart In Ear Headphones by BRAGI LLC. — Kickstarter.

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MakerBot Replicator Mini Compact 3D Printer










Coming soon from MakerBot, a new, reasonably priced 3d printer.  A 10x10x12.5cm build area and complete plug and print capability.  Can you say iPhone bumper factory?  Custom GoPro mount factory?  We’re gonna stop there. Software for the iPad is coming soon too.  Take a gander at their video for the full size replicator.

MakerBot Replicator Mini Compact 3D Printer.

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Wiggly camera stabilizer







Wiggly, a motorized gimbal gyro with a compact design and a tilt controller for your smart phone or Gopro shots.  Available in March…if the pledges on Kickstarter are successful.  Here’s hoping.

Stabilized head for iPhone, GoPro and compact cameras Wiggly by Ivan Stamatovski — Kickstarter.

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New Sony QX Series “Lens-Style Cameras”












Clip the Sony QX lens camera onto your smart phone, and use either NFC or wifi to control the functions of the camera and use the phone’s screen as viewfinder.  The lens can also stand alone and function as a camera with it’s own controls.  20 meg and 18 megapixel versions available with 3.6 or 10x zoom. Ios and Android capable.

New Sony QX Series “Lens-Style Cameras” Redefine the Mobile Photography Experience | Sony.

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Spinpod: Seamless panoramic & motion time-lapse photography by Zhiping Chen & Daniel Aharoni — Kickstarter

Spin Pod with Phone









A step up from an egg timer timelapse panorama rig.  So simple and easy for the phone, GoPro crowd.  Check out the site on Kickstarter.

Spinpod: Seamless panoramic & motion time-lapse photography by Zhiping Chen & Daniel Aharoni — Kickstarter.

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