Jet Recon Instruments



Jet recon instruments HUD glasses








Recon Instruments comes out with an ambitious new product called Jet.  Jet is a heads up display (HUD) pair of sunglasses.  “A wearable, network ready, sensor rich, micro computer and display” as stated on their website.  With integrated processor  brain, and camera and gps and bluetooth as well as polarized lenses the jet pretty much can handle anything.    All I can think of is all the weight I can ditch in my Ditty bag for the rappel, just have to bring these glasses along and my EFFR will be easy.  Check out the video for many possible case uses.  Coming soon!  Can’t wait.

Introducing Recon Jet: Groundbreaking Heads-Up Display from Recon Instruments from Recon Instruments on Vimeo.


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GT COBRA Polymer Buckle

GT cobra buckle AustriAlpin P








GT cobra buckle polymer buckle with web belt






Koldsmoke completely geeks out on sites like Killspencer and Defy bags that use the popular metal Cobra Buckle from AustriAlpin.  Nearly every blockbuster movie lately has used the buckle as an accent piece on the hero’s garb.  Enter the GT Cobra, an all polymer version of the regular Cobra.  Lighter weight, lower cost, zero metal parts and sexy tactical tech look make this your go to buckle for keeping pants up.  Oh yeah, it’s also rated to 500lbs!  Koldsmoke especially likes the single tab rather than the vulnerable two tab design other plastic buckles have.  Rap Golf is considering upgrading the gear bags with these bad boys.  Interchangeable designs with 1.5″, 1.75″ and 2″ sizes, at about half the cost of the metal counterparts.





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Click & Grow

click and grow demo


















Spruce up your cabin or office or what have you.  Order, recieve, add batteries and water and wait.  Plants ensue.  Tomatoes, Basil, CocksComb, and chilli peppers.  Easy as, Click and Grow.

Click & Grow — What is Click & Grow?.

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Leatherman Raptor Medic Multi-Tool

Leatherman Raptor sheath Leather man raptor J-knife detail leatherman-raptor-xl















Medic scissors with a few extra goodies to make a pretty rad all in one EMT tool.  Along with a good set of shears is the j-knife for cutting seatbelts quickly, a ruler, a glass breaker, and a integrated oxygen bottle wrench.  Koldsmoke likes the way the tool can be broken down to be more compact when they aren’t needed for quick draw use as scissors.  Available May of this year, Koldsmoke team member Mikael will be sporting this Leatherman Raptor Medic Multi-Tool as soon as it’s available.  Congrats on passing your EMT fit test Mike!


Leatherman Multi-Tools, Knives, and Military and Law Enforcement Tools.

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Aether Oceanic Shorts

aether oceanic shortsaether oceanic back view












Aether Apparel Oceanic shorts beach pic





















The Oceanic board short from Aether Apparel is definitely on Koldsmoke’s wish list for summer paddling and beach time.  Welded seams along with quickdry stretch fabric help eliminate chafe.  Two front pockets, and two rear velcro pockets for all your needs, IE lifeproofed Iphone, car keys, cash etc.  Subtle velcro tabs on the waist aid in the perfect fit.  Jet Black, Total eclipse, Graphite and deep Blue.

Aether Oceanic Shorts

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Quadcopter GoPro Hero 3 Black Whitecroft BC

Quadcopter Gopro Hero3 black








A teaser from Whitecroft near Sun Peaks Resort. GoPro Hero 3 black and a quadcopter…the possibilities are endless.  Thanks Dom!

via Quadcopter GoPro Hero 3 Black – YouTube.


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Skyline Motorcycle Jacket – Aether Apparel

skyline collar and zipper detail


















Aether skyline








Removeable protection.  Waterproof.  Multiple pockets.  A motorcycle jacket that doesn’t look like a biker jacket.  Aether Apparel kills it with the Skyline Motorcycle Jacket.  Black, Grey, Blue, and Green.  Thanks Uncle Chris!

Skyline Motorcycle Jacket – Aether Apparel.

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Ever Dry | UltraTech International Inc.













A spray on application…watch the video.  Koldsmoke wants this for the bottom of SUP’s.

Ever Dry | UltraTech International Inc..

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T-Rex Doughnuts

Al Shoots T-Rex with Pole Cam GoPro 2375small








Allen shoots the T-rex with his trusty GoPro Hero1. Stay tuned for his vid of the T-Rex with his new Gopro Hero3 Black Edition, and go to his review of the Black edition here.

T-Rex Donuts Too from A Dewey on Vimeo.





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Luminox Recon Nav SPC

Luminox Recon Nav SPC

















Tritium, Analog, and 200m water resistance.  Koldsmoke approved!  The upcoming Luminox Recon Nav SPC watch is part of the new Recon series watches.  The Nav SPC is the navigation specialist, featuring a removable compass, a walking tach on the dial(no word on how to actually use this on the Luminox website), and several common distance scales on the strap.  Unrelated to navigation but very handy is the GMT feature on the watch, great for dispatches to SE fire centre.  Nice touches…Tritium tube on the second hand, and on the index of the timing bezel.  Anitreflective Sapphire glass in the crystal and a Swiss Rhonda Quartz movement make this a trusty wrist instrument for the under $500 range.  It hasn’t been released yet, stay tuned.

New Models | Luminox.

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