SKINS Unisex Adult Bio T&R Long Tights

Skins T&R tights









Koldsmoke has some long haul flights ahead, (some sort of winter sporting event in Russia?) and to stave off the dreaded DVT  (unlikely for me) or just to feel more up and at em after the flight the Skins T&R tights are just the ticket.  T&R stands for Travel and Recovery and after donning the spiderman like tights, they felt super comfy and compressive.  A lot of data out there extolling the virtues of compression gear, so why wouldn’t you wear these on the long flight? SKINS Unisex Adult Bio T&R Long Tights: Clothing.

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MakerBot Replicator Mini Compact 3D Printer










Coming soon from MakerBot, a new, reasonably priced 3d printer.  A 10x10x12.5cm build area and complete plug and print capability.  Can you say iPhone bumper factory?  Custom GoPro mount factory?  We’re gonna stop there. Software for the iPad is coming soon too.  Take a gander at their video for the full size replicator.

MakerBot Replicator Mini Compact 3D Printer.

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5.11 Tactical Screen Ops Patrol Gloves

5.11 tactical screen ops patrol glove









Capacitive touch screens…do not work when you have gloves on.  There may be a new ice age coming but never fear, the 5.11 tactical company isn’t banging rocks together, they have a whole set of gloves designed to work with all your touch screen items-ipad, Android, Windows etc.  The Patrol glove although tactical- look the least tactical of the bunch and still sport leather and have a tech look.  Not a huge fan of the tan colour on the finger tips but we guess that’s how you know that is what they’re for-keeping your digits warm while you unlock your phone and call for a boost in the frigid wasteland of North America.  For those of you working in and around flammables they also have a kevlar version, which is unmistakenly Tactical.

5.11 Tactical Screen Ops Patrol Gloves | Official 5.11 Site.

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Sexy tie windsor









If you need assistance and don’t have your own awesome helper to get your formal wear affixed; click over to Koldsmoke’s favourite [ahem] tie knot is the full windsor.  Click the link below for more popular and convential styles.  If you must do the flamboyant and nearly impossible to loosen tie knot click here for the Eldredge.

Thanks Nolan! | Learn how to tie a tie the sexy way.



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Wiggly camera stabilizer







Wiggly, a motorized gimbal gyro with a compact design and a tilt controller for your smart phone or Gopro shots.  Available in March…if the pledges on Kickstarter are successful.  Here’s hoping.

Stabilized head for iPhone, GoPro and compact cameras Wiggly by Ivan Stamatovski — Kickstarter.

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New Sony QX Series “Lens-Style Cameras”












Clip the Sony QX lens camera onto your smart phone, and use either NFC or wifi to control the functions of the camera and use the phone’s screen as viewfinder.  The lens can also stand alone and function as a camera with it’s own controls.  20 meg and 18 megapixel versions available with 3.6 or 10x zoom. Ios and Android capable.

New Sony QX Series “Lens-Style Cameras” Redefine the Mobile Photography Experience | Sony.

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Spinpod: Seamless panoramic & motion time-lapse photography by Zhiping Chen & Daniel Aharoni — Kickstarter

Spin Pod with Phone









A step up from an egg timer timelapse panorama rig.  So simple and easy for the phone, GoPro crowd.  Check out the site on Kickstarter.

Spinpod: Seamless panoramic & motion time-lapse photography by Zhiping Chen & Daniel Aharoni — Kickstarter.

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StabilGo with GoPro









Make GoPro vids look more Pro, with the StabilGo motorized camera stabilizer.  Instead of relying on passive counterweights and practicing smooth movements the StabilGo uses motors and gyros to keep the camera looking forward.  Just a prototype so far the finished production model should be pretty cool.  Check out the vid!

STABiLGO – Video.

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Evon Cassier – The Valor Turnout bag

Laptop bag Evon CassierValor turnout jacket bag








Koldsmoke has been getting a lot of great feedback on the valor bag.  Click on the link below for purchase information.  Repurposed turnout gear by Evon Cassier.  Send in your old Jacket and she’ll sew it into something unique.

Evon Cassier – The Valor.

VALOR Bag by Evon Cassier from Evon Cassier on Vimeo.

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Essence Jacket and pant

Marmot essence jacket Marmot essence pant









Ever vigilant for lightweight and compactable equipment for rappel fires; Koldsmoke has come up with one alternative to the yellow rain gear they’ve had in their leg bag since rookie training.  The Marmot essence jacket and pant are so far the lightest and most water resistant system we’ve been able to research.  Although expensive at around $400 full price for jacket and pant (I’ve seen it cheaper all over the internet but that would be the most expensive for the whole set up) a lot of other options are slightly heavier and cost about as much for one component.  The pants are 5oz or about 142 grams, the jacket 6oz, 170 grams, 312 grams total.  Membrane strata is the technology, and is very breathable and water resistant according to Marmot.  As I’ve used my rain gear a handful of times during my career at Rap, and is mandatory to rappel with, I’d recommend the Marmot Essence pant for extreme lightweight infrequent use rain wear.

Essence Jacket | Marmot Clothing and Equipment.

Essence Pant | Marmot Clothing and Equipment

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