Ocean Rodeo Predator Drysuit


ocean rodeo drysuit

Using a 3 layer approach to it’s Predator Drysuit, Ocean Rodeo tackles the problem of surfing in cold water.  Dry suits typically are bulky and bouyant, not so with this drysuit that looks like a regular wet suit.  Full Tuxedo as the base layer…hmmmm ok.  C’mon everyone has wanted to do that.



Ocean Rodeo – Surf Dry from MWyatt on Vimeo.



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Smoke Jumper-Viberg Boots


Viberg Smoke Jumper firefighting boot


Boulder 1 changes his work boots and sunglasses pretty  much every few months, resulting in Koldsmoke getting a whack of new Vibergs to test out.  Among the lot he culled and I subsequently got are the Viberg Smoke Jumpers fire fighting boot.  E width and size 10(Vibergs fit really big, I usually wear size 12 in street shoes so try before you buy)very comfy and virtually brand new, the tongue doesn’t even have a memory yet!  These boots are mandatory for Parattack, as it is compatable with their jump uniform, ie high heel.  Viberg makes lower heel options too if the high heel isn’t your thing.  Thanks Boulder 1!

9″ roughout with a Vibram® Lug heat resistant sole and undershot heel. Whether you are in paratack/helitack or unit crews with the Forest Service this boot will take you to the inferno and back.

Black roughout 8 oz. cowhide upper, double leather vamp, solid brass hooks and eyes, 9 iron leather insole and counter, steel shank, 10 iron leather midsole with 10 iron leather half slip sole, Vibram® Lug sole and solid leather on Nuron slipsole.

via Work Boots – Viberg Boots.

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Despite what they say on the website, probably not what you’d wear everyday, but I’d for sure use it in an emergency kit or stuff it behind the seat of the truck for those times when the ‘ol truck starts acting it’s half million km age.  Jakpak Parka, bivy sack, sleeping bag; a light hiker’s dream.  JakPak parka



How it Works – JakPak – JakPak.


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Valor Recycled Fireman’s Turnout Coat Overnight Bag

firefighter turnout jacket bag inside detail

firefighter turnout jacket bag inside detail

Valor-turnout coat overnight bag


Valor Bag

Etsy user Cleverscene had the genius idea of turning a retired fireman’s turnout coat into an overnight/duffle bag. These bags are 100% custom and hand-made, and visually striking–in a more literal sense too, as the reflective tape is about as eye-catching as it gets. And in the off chance that your bag gets blown off the luggage cart, on to the tarmac and then violently toasted in the superheated exhaust of a 737′s engine, you’ll know that everything inside is safe and sound, as the fabric itself can obviously withstand intense heat. Your luggage will unfortunately still be on the tarmac of an airport, but hey, you can’t win ‘em all.

Heres what cleverscene says:
Preserve the memory of your hardworking firefighter by turning a retired coat into a bag that can be used for years to come. Made from a firefighter’s jacket, this bag is large enough to hold a weekend’s worth of clothing and then some. It’s the coolest bag.

Each bag utilizes the original cargo pockets, snaps, buckles, and liner of the jacket. It features hand carry straps to be worn over the shoulder and a removable strap for wearing as a cross-body bag.

If you have a turnout coat that you would like me to make into a bag, please email me for specific details on shipping and delivery. In general the jackets must be in clean condition with little wear. I can do minor repairs of the velcro and reflective tape. Your bag will be based on the one shown but there may be minor changes to the dimensions depending on the size of the jacket and your requirements.

via Cleverscene

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What is Promotive.com

Essentially you sign up to promotive, you apply for a team or teams, and if you qualify you get great discounts on cool equipment.  135 plus brands, 100s of teams, lots of savings on the stuff you use everyday.

ProMotive.com is a software as a service company based in Salt Lake City that also serves as home to 3point5.com, our online retail training business. We´re staffed by brand—savvy, technically—gifted people who understand the nuances of word—of—mouth marketing and know how to connect brands with the customers that best represent their products.

  • ProMotive.com is a product of SwarmBuilder, a word-of-mouth marketing company that also trains retail salespeople on 3point5.com.
  • ProMotive.com was created as a way to connect companies with influential brand advocates online.
  • The goal of ProMotive.com is to increase brand visibility and sales by offering discounts to high-profile product users.

via Promotive.com – Frequently Asked Questions.

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Outdoor Research Balaclava

outdoor-research-balaclavaOutdoor Research BalaclavaIts unclear whether it will make you look psychotic, but it will definitely keep you warm. The Outdoor Research Balaclava $70 is a fine piece of water resistant headgear, featuring plush fleece lining, fleece-lined ear flaps, a stowaway face mask with a nylon outer and soft interior, and an exterior drawcord for wrapping the whole thing tight around your face — all the better to hide your identity with.

Outdoor Reasearch

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Waterproof Hiking Shoes – La Sportiva Crossover GTX

LA Sportiva waterproof crossover shoeLA Sportiva waterproof crossover shoe



Waterproof hiking shoes like these La Sportiva Crossover GTXs are a great choice for hiking this winter. The lightweight waterproof trail shoes feature a burly outsole and a breathable integrated gaiter with an articulated asymmetrical zipper to keep out trail debris, snow or sand. The Gore-Tex lining keeps feet warm and dry and a quick cinch closure on the gaiter keeps feet protected. These are definitely designed for fast running in wet muddy conditions. So get out there are get dirty! Buy these La Sportiva Crossover GTX Trail Running Shoes for a price of $150

via Waterproof Hiking Shoes – La Sportiva Crossover GTX | Be Sportier.

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Jack Purcell Brogued Leather



Wingtips plus sneakers? Who would have thought of this combination? Yet Converse pulled it off, and these are not merely decent, they actually look cool. We hope this counts as formal wear.

via Awesome Shoes – The Awesomer.

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DarkFin Watersport Gloves


Darkfin glove

DarkFin Watersport Gloves increase hand efficiency by increasing surface area as much as 70% which is great for sports like scuba diving, snorkeling, swimming, surfing, and skydiving. With 12 sizes to choose from and the new contoured shape, Darkfin gloves fit great, and are made from light weight rubber that doesn’t absorb water and become heavy. If used with swimming sports they make treading water easier so you use less energy in the long run. You can buy these DarkFin Watersport Gloves for a price of $25.


via DarkFin Watersport Gloves Great For Water Sports | Be Sportier.

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What Are You Wearing Today Gradation

A chronicle inspired by the systematic approach taken by the creators of the enigmatic weblog, “What are You Wearing Today”.  An attempt to employ their technique to assess possibilities for the practical idiosyncratic blending of quality, utility and narrative or history beyond mainstream trend or conventional brand-loyalty.  Additionally motivated by the impulse to record the effect of near-daily wear of the iconic 5-pocket jean as manifested Denham’s model The Grade (hence gradation)

If you are still confused check out the website:


What Are You Wearing Today Gradation: April 2010.

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