Special Service Sweater


The Special Service Sweater from Triple Aught Design, a modern take on a classic military staple.  Subtle shoulder and elbow protection makes this similar to the standard commando sweater but less army surplus and more upstreet.  Merino wool, slim athletic cut, I want one.  Check out the link and purchase one for the upcoming fall weather.  If it ever comes.

Special Service Sweater Shoulder Detail Triple Aught DesignSpecial Service Sweater Triple Aught Design



Special Service Sweater.

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Inov-8 F-Lite™ 230


f-lite 230 iov8Jesse Bifano owner operator of Crossfit Squamish and ex Helicopter Operations Technician with Rapattack came by the base this week for a visit and was sporting these cool shoes, the Inov8 F-lite 230.  Lightweight, low heel and superb fit are some of the benefits of these attractive workout shoes.  Here is the gist from Inov-8:

Elite lightweight racing flat ideal for use on hard pack mountainous terrain and shorter distance races. Has a low profile midsole with sticky rubber outsole. Radical design provides good upper support while the patent pending fascia-band™ aids propulsion efficiency of the running cycle.

The stable, low profile 2 arrow Shoc-Zone™ and lightweight upper makes the 230 perfect for CrossFit.

via Inov-8 F-Lite™ 230.

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Stanfield’s Ltd “Wooly”

Stanfield Wooly

Welcome to Canada.  It’s May 17 and it’s bitterly cold, raining, snow at 1200m and people have to work outside.  The Stanfield wool henley shirt is a must.  If it gets too warm undo the top button.  Woolys = comfort.

Stanfield’s Ltd | Browse Products.

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FIRE HOSE BELT | Recycled Accessories, Lori Burley, Eco-Chic, Eco-Friendly Fashion | UncommonGoods


Fire hose belt

I say Econo, you say Toy hose. Quick connect or threaded.  Lined, unlined.  Aramid or vinyl.   It’s how we get liquid(usually water or a water and foaming agent) from point A to the fire. When it no longer can be patched or re-coupled, it’s time to chuck it out right?  Wrong.  Make it into a cool belt!  I refuse to wear a belt made from hose that had threaded couplings, what a nightmare challenge.  The jokes about the rated PSI for a wearers belt can only mean they love you.

From Uncommon Goods here’s the gist : Marrying a fireman had more than safety perks–it sparked Lori Burley’s design inspiration, too. Enticed by the unique texture and action-packed stories behind fire hoses, Burley transforms spent pieces into one-of-a-kind accessories. Each belt is handmade and often bears distress marks from being in service and passing quality testing. Handmade in Colorado. Each is one-of-a-kind and will vary slightly.

FIRE HOSE BELT | Recycled Accessories, Lori Burley, Eco-Chic, Eco-Friendly Fashion | UncommonGoods.

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Saxx Mens Underwear

Saxx pouch detailsaxx black

Guys underwear that’s made of cotton, so you can wear it under your Nomex, legally and comfortably.  A pouch in the front with no seams.  Elastic in the legs so they don’t ride up.  Everyday comfort for those 3 days stretched into four overnight- fires, in the heat of the summer on the side of a mountain.  Saxx underwear available in three different styles-24 Seven, Pro Elite and Ultra.  Boxer briefs and Trunk fit.

Saxx Mens Underwear.

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Belstaff New Cougar Blouson Leather


After trying and trying to acquire the Pegaso Blouson, I gave up. And after much research decided on the Belstaff New Cougar Blouson. I even got it for a pretty good deal online from Beijing of all places. Clicking on purchase to receiving the jacket took 6 days. Awesome fit, nice quality supple leather. Not quite as slim fitting as the Pegaso and maybe slightly shorter in the torso, but having tried on the Pegaso, the stretch panels in the arm pits may have presented a durability problem in the future. The Cougar has small mesh grommets for venting, but no weak mesh stretch panels. This is the Wanted Jacket, but in Black(if you look closely it looks almost dark brown, which is awesome) rather than the blotchy green colour as seen in the movie woBelstaff leather jacketrn by Wesley and his (spoiler!!) Father.


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Panty Bloom

Bra in Tackle box, Panty Bloom Movie

No panties in this movie.  Sorry, only a wonderful journey of a red Bra at a ski hill.  Enjoy.  This movie won an award at the Telus World ski and snowboard festival, WSSF last year.  Funny stuff.

YouTube – Panty Bloom.

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Under Armour Coreshorts

coreactivation-diagram-lrgcoreshortThis weekend I re certified with Boulder, and we did the Pack Test-Strenuous, which means a 3 mile walk, with 45 pounds, under 45 minutes (I did it with a 50lb weight ves)t.  I tried out a new pair of Under Armour Coreshorts.  Not at the top of my game, I thought these would give me a bit of a boost to my muscles, supporting the areas I usually find get sore after a pack test.  I didn’t really notice a difference until the final half mile and then I realized I should be more fatiqued than I was, and I had a good boost of strength for the final 50m or so.  Two intersecting bands of stretchy material hold the muscles together without feeling uncomfortable, or constricting.  Not a substitute for training but I’m not gonna do any exercise without these shorts from now on.  These come in normal and pro versions, the pro is the same but the intersecting panels are stronger.


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Mountain Hardwear Men’s Nitrous™ Jacket

Mens_Jacket_Nitrous Mountain hardwear

Many outdoor clothing brands have essentially this type of jacket in their repertoire, but I went with the Mountain Hardwear Nitrous Jacket because it was on sale and it was black, and they had it in my size.  The reason I am not taking it back is it’s stupendously light-only 333g, and just the right warmth for springtime and with the right layering winter tromping.  The cut is slim fitting, but not constricting and makes for a sleek silhouette, which is great because of the gossamer thin fabric keeping the down encased.  No snagging on stuff when you walk by, emancipating the 800 fill goose down.  The nicest touch, common with Mountain hardwear down products is a stuff sack for the jacket.  It fits innocuously in the chest pocket, leaving your front paws for the two hand warmer pockets.  Incredibly warm for how light it is!




Mountain Hardwear | Men’s Nitrous™ Jacket.


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Move over boots, feet just got a new best friend. SOREL SENTRY LEATHER CHUKKA Just the thing for the Canadian spring in places like Revy or Nelson, where the streets are still damp(or really snowy), and will be for a while.  The gumboots are overkill and the feet wanna feel light and ninja- esque but the ground says “aha canvas, I will destroy you!”  Leather uppers, the Sorel style rubber toe cap, and the feeling of shoe-like precision compared to the ‘clonkers’Sorel Sentry Leather Chukka you’ve had on all season.

via SOREL SENTRY LEATHER CHUKKA – Shoes – Mens Footwear – Footwear & Bags | Robert Redfords Sundance Catalog.

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