Click & Grow

click and grow demo


















Spruce up your cabin or office or what have you.  Order, recieve, add batteries and water and wait.  Plants ensue.  Tomatoes, Basil, CocksComb, and chilli peppers.  Easy as, Click and Grow.

Click & Grow — What is Click & Grow?.

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Steve’s Original: Paleo Kits

steve's original loose pack

I couldn’t care less that a caveman would om nom nom this, after a season of the same blah bars (seriously what is that ingredient that everone uses that tastes like poison? maybe I’m the only one that tastes it)  I like the looks of these packaged real foods from Steve’s Original.  Jerky, Macadamia’s, almonds and other goodies.  Just eating something that looks real is appealing. Check the website, lots of options to choose from.  Oh yea, they are also paleo approved.   Original: Paleo Kits, Paleo Diet, Zone Diet, Paleo Diets, Gluten Free.


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PC Sweet with Heat Prepared Mustard

Presidents choice sweet with heat prepared mustard


I know Presidents choice is essentially a dressed up no name brand but, Koldsmoke loves their Sweet with Heat prepared mustard.  I just destroyed a cheese and ham toasted open-face with some Sweet with Heat drizzled on top, and it was so yummy.  Not overly hot and not overly sweet, more complex than the nuclear yellow that is supposedly mustard.  I highly recommend a taste.

PC Sweet with Heat Prepared Mustard – PC Sweet with Heat Prepared Mustard – PC – Products.

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Caveman Bakery — Tropical Caveman Cookies



Caveman cookies.  The paleolithic diet is pretty popular right now in some circles, and it isn’t all Sabertooth Tiger dry aged steaks  and Mastadon tri-tip with a piquant dry rub.  After a full day of glyptodont tracking, stone tool knapping and showing the girl next cave down those flowers you picked for her near the treacherous peat bog; a caveman sometime needs a sweet treat.  Caveman Bakery feel good on mouth.  Taste like nothing I kill before.  Taste like…Happy?  Tropical kind has macadamia, coconut, and ginger, and to me seems like the tastiest of the three flavours.  Original, and alpine are the other two.  Check it out.  Omnomnom.



Caveman Bakery — Tropical Caveman Cookies.

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New Fair Food Fried Butter On A Stick!


Koldsmoke is done another season at Rapattack.  No more weigh-ins this season!  Icecream cookie sandwiches aside here is an exiting new culinary video I found on – Om Nom Nom Nom

via New Fair Food Fried Butter On A Stick! YouTube – YouTube.

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Journey Bar live fire testing Coconut Curry on Vimeo

Journey Bars on a stumpMathius Muller with Journey Bar
This past week I had the opportunity to test out the Journey Bars that the company sent me to test out.  The first Guinea Pig was Mathius Muller who tried out the Coconut Curry as seen in the video.  After trying it and the Parmesan Romano, he preffered the Parmesan.  The Delta Squad unanimously stated the Parmesan Romano the winner.  However, the Charlie Squad hands down liked the Coconut Curry Flavour.  It was a moot point considering both bars disappeared into hungry firefighters mouths very quickly and I had to make sure everyone was able to try them out, risking bitten fingers in the process.  Simplisticly there are two types of firefighters…those who like Parmesan Romano, and those who like Coconut Curry.  Guess what?  Journey Bar has two new Flavours!!  Wasabi Ginger, and Mesquit Barbecue…Yes Please.  Savoury not Sweet.  Check it out!

Journey Bar

via Journey Bar live fire testing Coconut Curry on Vimeo.

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Honey Bees-Care

Bee Man cutting access to Hive









Koldsmoke team member Allen Dewey discovered his Las Vegas home was being turned into an African Honey Bee hive.  Instead of killing the hive he looked for alternative methods.  Honey Badger was unavailable so he called these guys: LV BEES.  A successful mission never tasted so sweet…

Bee Man with Bee-Vacuum

Honey Comb from Las Vegas Honey BeesLas Vegas Honey Bee








Bee Men with Bee-Vacuum

Bee Men at Night


















Eight days ago i became the guardian of a thousand or so bouncing (bobbing & weaving) baby Bees in search of a new Home… They chose a tiny hole in the side of my house & set up camp in my Attic. I’ve learned many things about Bees in the process of encouraging them to choose another place of Residence. When Bees become too numerous for the existing Hive, they split into groups & search out a new place to live… Even the Queen loses weight to regain the ability to fly & leads them off to a resting spot while workers scout out a good location to inhabit. One of her industrious worker Bees apparently suggested using my attic… Cool in Summer months, plenty of water (dog dish & pools next door), tiny entrance, easily defendable… So, i figured to encourage them to choose another less problematic location i would make them think there was a fire nearby… hey, i smell smoke… let’s get outta here… I stapled cardboard to the eves forming a Soffit to direct the smoke into the spot they were using to enter the new Hive & lit sage on the end of a long pole & swung it into position near them & poked it up thru a hole i put into the cardboard… Apparently, Bees in search of a new home are very mellow already & will not use aggression to defend the new home until construction of the Hive is underway. Apparently ALL Bees in Nevada are Hybridized with African Bees… another Fun Factoid. I failed to chase them away but apparently created a whole group of Very Mellow Killer Bees… I crawled into the Attic to see if i could see exactly where they had taken up residence & saw a Basketball sized roiling mass of Bees… Yowza!! Anywhooo… In trying to avoid killing off my new Bee Neighbors, i called in the experts:, David Sharpless & Paul Grube brought their Bee Vacuum, cut through the wood cover & sucked most of the Bees, including the Queen, into a 5 gallon plastic container customized to capture without harming the bees. I had five or six honey combs the biggest around 6 inches across hanging from the attic ceiling… filled with Bee Larvae, Eggs, Pollen & Honey. The Guys used most of the Comb to entice the Bee Ball to stay with the Queen in the new Hive they dumped them into… but gave me one to taste, suggesting i take a bite right off the comb… YUMMY!! Fresh Honey is amazing… super fine flavour, light in colour… just wish i’d noticed the Larvae… & eggs… So, i have a few Lingering Bees huddled together, acting very confused & looking for a manager to tell them what to do next & the Hive was moved off to the Desert to continue to thrive!! Apparently i’m raising Bees.  Thanks Allen!

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“Welcome to the Captain’s World” Featuring Captain Morgan’s First Mate Marisa Miller

Marisa miller First Mate

You can’t make a Lundine-ee without Captain Morgan’s spiced rum.


Measure Equal parts Captain Morgan’s spiced rum and 7-up or to taste.   Serve on ice in a tall glass.  Don’t plan on doing anything the next day.

via YouTube – “Welcome to the Captain’s World” Featuring Captain Morgan’s First Mate Marisa Miller.

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The Food Lovers’ Primal Palate: Chocolate Chip Cookies




It’s paleo.  No flour, but loads of chocolatey goodness.  May I recommend a glass of moo juice as well gasp, that’s not paleo, but oh well.  Bam, that just happened.  Thanks Rhea!


3 cups Blanched Almond Flour

1/2 cup Virgin Coconut Oil, unrefined

1/2 cup Pure Maple Syrup

2 Omega 3 Eggs

1 tsp Baking Soda

1 tsp Salt

1 tsp Vanilla Extract

1 1/2 cups Enjoy Life Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips


Preheat oven to 375 degrees.

In a medium sized mixing bowl combine dry ingredients.

In a small mixing bowl beat eggs, maple syrup, and vanilla extract with a hand mixer.

Pour wet ingredients into dry and beat with hand mixer until combined.

Melt coconut oil, pour into batter, and continue to blend until combined.

Stir in chocolate chips.

On a parchment lined baking sheet, drop balls of cookie dough, about a tablespoon in size.

Bake for 15 minutes.

Let cool and serve with a cold glass of almond milk!

via The Food Lovers’ Primal Palate: Chocolate Chip Cookies.

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Journey Bar


Savoury flavours in a food bar?  Easy to eat texture?  Ingredient list that sounds like food?  Journeybar food bars began in 2010, and I welcome this addition to the food bar world.  Rapattack, hikers, and people on the go generally turn to food bars and energy bars because they are easy to pack, easy to eat(sometimes), and keep well.  Problem is they usually taste like punky sawdust packed in low grade molasses.  Or even if they taste ok the flavours usually are more like dessert than a meal.  Coconut Curry and Parmesan Romano are the only flavours so far and lets hope that they keep up the good work and forgo the urge to make chocolate covered river sand.

Our Story | Journey Bar.

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