Mountain Standard – Odell Brewing Company

MST Odells double black












Mountain Standard – Odell Brewing Compan-  Altitude enhances all the features of this robust, very drinkable drop of awesome, and it isn’t as bitter or sharp as many India Pale Ales.  MST pairs nicely with a steak, at the Boat Yard in Frisco CO.  At 9.5% alc content, one is not enough but 3 is too many.  Double Black indeed.

Mountain Standard – Odell Brewing Company.

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BAROCOOK Flameless cooking

barocook cafe mug









Barocook is essentially the same technology in MRE’s flameless heaters but in a more user friendly set of cook ware.  Digging the thermos style use case of hot coffee on an IA fire.

::: BAROCOOK :::.

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Infinit Nutrition Customizable Sports Nutrition



























Infinit Nutrition is a sports drink company with a difference, customizable drink powders for individual athlete’s needs.   Using the sliders on the website you can dial in or out the amounts of each key ingredient for your needs.  Adjust Flavour, Calories, Carbs, Protein, Amino acids, Electrolytes, and yup Caffeine!  Not sure how this all works?  The website also has a questionairre to assess your individual needs, and at the end shows the slider profile for you.  The other cool feature is after you complete your custom drink, the custom powder has the name of your choice printed on the bag.  Hummingbird Meat or Cheetah Blood? Infinit Nutrition also has premade tried and true mixes if you aren’t into bespoke recovery meals or custom pre workout pumps.  Koldsmoke likes the sound of MUD, coffee protein yumminess.


Infinit Nutrition | Custom Sports Nutrition Solutions | CANADA.

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▶ The Perfect Guide To Holiday Etiquette

Perfect Holiday guide to etiquette








Canadian Thanksgiving is just around the corner and Zefrank gives a helpful guide to holiday etiqutte for the Big Bird Meal.

▶ The Perfect Guide To Holiday Etiquette – YouTube.

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Best Prank Ever

beer on tap







It’s pretty much the best prank ever.

▶ Guy finds his house plumbed with beer – full length version – YouTube.

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Click & Grow

click and grow demo


















Spruce up your cabin or office or what have you.  Order, recieve, add batteries and water and wait.  Plants ensue.  Tomatoes, Basil, CocksComb, and chilli peppers.  Easy as, Click and Grow.

Click & Grow — What is Click & Grow?.

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LunchBots Quad All Stainless Caveman Grocer

Lunchbots Quad-suggested servingIf you’re sick of peas in your fruit cobbler, or don’t like your food “touching” the LunchBots Quad all stainless lunchbox is the way to go. Seriously, this good looking reusable alternative to Dad’s big Stanely lunch kit is just the thing for second breakfast, ‘Elevensies, or Lunch.  Caveman Grocer also has two, and three compartment Lunchbots, and different coloured lids.  Check them out, Caveman Grocer has yes you guessed it, more Paleo type goodies.

LunchBots Quad All Stainless | caveman grocer.

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Steve’s Original: Paleo Kits

steve's original loose pack

I couldn’t care less that a caveman would om nom nom this, after a season of the same blah bars (seriously what is that ingredient that everone uses that tastes like poison? maybe I’m the only one that tastes it)  I like the looks of these packaged real foods from Steve’s Original.  Jerky, Macadamia’s, almonds and other goodies.  Just eating something that looks real is appealing. Check the website, lots of options to choose from.  Oh yea, they are also paleo approved.   Original: Paleo Kits, Paleo Diet, Zone Diet, Paleo Diets, Gluten Free.


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Epic Tea Time with Alan Rickman

Hans Gruber Teatime








Epic Tea Time with Alan Rickman.  Hans Gruber-esque.  Push play on the vid then push play on the sound cloud player, the original was yanked so this is the best I can do.

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The Flip side Bar









Just in time for the 14th.  Enjoy.


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