Propper MCPS Gore-tex Nomex Jacket

Propper MCPS Gore-tex Nomex Jacket

Propper MCPS









Still available on some retailer sites, but honestly go to eBay and get it cheaper.  At $700 not too many will buy this great piece of gear, but if you do you’re in Helicopters a lot. (this type 1 version is for non ejectable aircraft only…i.e. helicopters) This jacket developed for the military’s Multi Climate Protective System of outer wear program by Propper will definitely get the job done.  Available in Green and Khaki Nomex FR fabric as the bread and waterproof breathable Gore-tex as the meat laminate. Pants also available for those cool doors-off Autumn flights.  Roomy enough to layer underneath but not so bulky to be cumbersome.  Popping the collar…not mandatory but recommended.

Propper MCPS jacket

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