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Infinit Nutrition is a sports drink company with a difference, customizable drink powders for individual athlete’s needs.   Using the sliders on the website you can dial in or out the amounts of each key ingredient for your needs.  Adjust Flavour, Calories, Carbs, Protein, Amino acids, Electrolytes, and yup Caffeine!  Not sure how this all works?  The website also has a questionairre to assess your individual needs, and at the end shows the slider profile for you.  The other cool feature is after you complete your custom drink, the custom powder has the name of your choice printed on the bag.  Hummingbird Meat or Cheetah Blood? Infinit Nutrition also has premade tried and true mixes if you aren’t into bespoke recovery meals or custom pre workout pumps.  Koldsmoke likes the sound of MUD, coffee protein yumminess.


Infinit Nutrition | Custom Sports Nutrition Solutions | CANADA.

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