5.11 Tactical Screen Ops Patrol Gloves

5.11 tactical screen ops patrol glove









Capacitive touch screens…do not work when you have gloves on.  There may be a new ice age coming but never fear, the 5.11 tactical company isn’t banging rocks together, they have a whole set of gloves designed to work with all your touch screen items-ipad, Android, Windows etc.  The Patrol glove although tactical- look the least tactical of the bunch and still sport leather and have a tech look.  Not a huge fan of the tan colour on the finger tips but we guess that’s how you know that is what they’re for-keeping your digits warm while you unlock your phone and call for a boost in the frigid wasteland of North America.  For those of you working in and around flammables they also have a kevlar version, which is unmistakenly Tactical.

5.11 Tactical Screen Ops Patrol Gloves | Official 5.11 Site.

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