Adjustable Rod Holder SeaSucker

fishing_rod_holder_3 seasucker adjustable blue tentacleadjustable_rod_holder seasuckerI was looking for a way to attach a fishing rod to my stand up paddle board and was trying to find a suction cup that could be pumped up in order to have a strong hold, and voila, I found the Seasucker adjustable rod holder.  At the center of the technology is the manual vacuum pump, which is low profile, and is able to accept the 1/4″ – 20 thread mount, of every consumer camera on earth…except GOPRO, sorry guys but really!  The rod holder that attaches on the Seasucker mount is very good but if you want to make your own custom set up blank suction cups can be purchased as well.  Check out the website.

Adjustable Rod Holder | SeaSucker.

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  1. GoPro finally did make an adapter that provides a 1/4″ x 20 tpi mount to the housing… 😉

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