Swiss Army Wool Gaiters

Swiss Wool Gaiter Lateral view

Swiss Wool Gaiter full view

Swiss Wool Gaiter Zipper detail

Swiss Wool Gaiter Medial view

















Swiss Army Wool Gaiters, a steal at $14.99 and less.  Though swiss army surplus they are in very good shape. These gaiters keep you warm and dry thanks to rugged construction, felted, waterproof wool, and leather protection where needed.  The outer surface is smooth and slightly shiny, and the interior shows that it is indeed fuzzy wool.  Zippers make for  easy on off and a rubber strap keep these puppies in place.  One size fits all.  Thanks Boulder 1!

New Swiss Army Wool Gaiters w/Zipper – 999 – Military Surplus.

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  1. It Ain’t Shit, if it ain’t Old Shit!!

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