Oda : Skevik Skis Inc.

Brett Dawley apologizes for suggesting this post because I’ve got my Hawaii hat on.  It’s all good buddy, really really on board with this concept.  They named the company after their Norwegian Great Grandfather so it has a family feel to it.  The secret ingredient in these small batch, British Columbia made, progressively shaped skis?  Love.  Three models, Oda, Sevrin and Anton.  Koldsmoke appreciates the humour in the Oda‘s description from Skevik.  Thanks Brett!

Skevik skis

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skevik skis in natural habitat











The only thing on the Oda’s mind is powder and lots of it. Big, wide and curvy may not be great words to describe your girlfriend but who needs a girlfriend when you’re skiing overhead blower on a pair of these. Three stage rocker, far from ordinary sidecut and 132mm underfoot. What else do you need?

via Oda : Skevik Skis Inc..

Skevik Skis 2009 Layup from Skevik Skis on Vimeo.

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