Fight Gone Bad

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Fight gone bad was one of the workouts this week for the Rapattack New Recruits.  Don’t know what Fight Gone Bad is?  Watch the sample video, not from Salmon Arm as you can see by the sun, ha ha.  Good Honest Effort is all we ask of the New Recruits and they ‘gave’r’.  This weekend they are hammering up the stairs in the tower; at least they don’t have to walk down.

via YouTube – fight gone bad 2009 crossfit wod.

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  1. Hey…no pushups????? The new guys and gals must be doing everything right now! Did you know our original physical test was called the Step Test (stepping up and down off a box) and the more modern one designed by Uvic became the subject of a Supreme Court Case . Outcome was we had to change the shuttle run to a back pack walk…( I was the first boss of Rapattack by the way) Best job I ever had!
    There are some stories about Rapattack that some day I may tell…like the time the crew flew from Salmon Arm to Prince George to fight a fire and forgot their ROPES! Anyway great video and stay SAFE.
    You people are the best.

    Jim ( Rapattack 1977 to 2000)

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