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Performance fabric for “sleeping”.  Sheex bedding made from athletic fabric, not the 799 thread count Egyptian cotton.  Why not, the travel sheex sax, seems like a comfy good idea for those sketchy Hostel beds, or on an overnight fire to keep your sleeping bag from getting ‘mungy’.

The gist from Sheex:

The development of high-tech performance fibers and fabrics has been a breakthrough in the world of athletic apparel, providing the world’s elite athletes with unmatched comfort and fit to help them perform at their peak. But comfort and performance don’t only matter on the field, the court or the track. Research has shown that better quality sleep can lead to improvments in everything from athletic performance to alertness and mood. SHEEX performance bedding features the latest innovations in breathability, temperature control, moisture management and luxurious comfort to help you sleep better.

via SHEEX Performance Sheets.

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