Traser H3 Military Tritium P 5900 Type 3 Watch

traser 5900 Black with Steel bezelNearly every clothing manufacturer has a military “style” watch in their repertoire, and most of the designer folks out there have put a Nato strap on their swiss dive watch to “military it up a bit.”  As you know I like watches, and have been looking for a Koldsmoke suitable version of the canvas strap, simplistic-lines utility watch the Military “style” requires.  The Traser H3 P5900 fits the bill.  Smaller diameter -37mm- sub $200, and Tritium were the Koldsmoke requirements.  Chunky huge diameter dive watches have their place too, but we are trying to fit a niche.  I was very close to using the Marathon pilots watch for this post but something about the steel ring on the Traser caught my eye, and the price, which is almost half that of the Marathon.  Although built to actual military specs(MIL-W-46374F) this is not an officially military commissioned watch, which is probably why you can actually buy this from a regular retail website.  The lugs are 18mm, so you can customize with Maratac watch bands, and be crazy cutting edge trendy, while actually having a real, functional, sturdy watch, and can tell the time in the dark, without shining a light on the hands to charge the luminosity.

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