The Abyss, Coffeys Knife

The Abyss Coffee Navy Seal KnifeBefore the absolute schlocky brutaly derived AVATAR James Cameron made good films.  1989’s ABYSS was a marvel at technical movie making.  A civilian diving team are enlisted to search for a lost nuclear submarine and face danger while encountering an alien aquatic species.  The “Bad Guy” well he might actually be a good guy on the surface but in the film’s mythology he suffers from a “pressure induced psychosis”.  This guy is played delightfuly by Michael Bien, a favorite of James Cameron and seen in his Terminator, and Aliens.  The characters name is Coffey, he’s a US Navy Seal sent with a team to the oil rig to recover nukes in a sunken Submarine.  He has a knife.  This is the knife, The Coffey Navy Seal Knife.  They’re are only two in existence, having been comissioned by a fan of the movie.  It is very very close to the original in the movie, which has about 5 seconds of film time.

The guy who commissioned the knife

The guy who made the knife

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