Outstanding Kona Coffee at Mountain Thunder – Get Some

Kona Private Reserve, the cream of the crop, organically grown. A coffee connoisseurs delight. This bag of Kona Organic Coffee contains big beans and peaberry beans. Mountain Grown, “Mauka” Beans. This coffee has been color sorted away from the yellow, brown, black and white beans which make the coffee either bland or sour. Taste the supreme organic kona coffee flavor. Taste the Private Reserve. Organic Kona Private Reserve Coffee contains a more intense chocolate and nutty flavor than its conventional counterpart. Roasted with our signature Dedrich Coffee Roaster to a French or Vienna Roast. See our “Kona Coffee Roasts” page located in the header under the “coffee info” heading, to read about our different roasts.

via Outstanding Kona Coffee at Mountain Thunder – Get Some.

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