Mad Max: Fury Road

You want that thing off your face

What a day, What a lovely day!
Mad Max Fury Road, a visual feast you must see in the theatre.

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Lucy Scarjo







Luc Besson uses his formula again with Lucy…scorching hot female lead kicking ass, we get to watch.

Lucy TRAILER 1 (2014) – Luc Besson, Scarlett Johansson Movie HD – YouTube.

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Iceclimbing ’14 on Vimeo

Ice Climbing 2014









One cold winter in 2014, a group of four decided to try ice climbing for the first time. Hailing from majestic Terrace, B.C; Kurt, Evan, Enrico and Matthias threw on the crampons, grabbed ice picks and stepped into the extreme.  Thanks Matthias!!

Iceclimbing ’14 on Vimeo.

Iceclimbing ’14 from Matthias Muller on Vimeo.

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Backcountry ski shoot ADAM COOPER

Photo Credit ADAM COOPER High View Productions

AdamCooper black and white











Check out the rad edit put on by High View Productions.  Backcountry BC shows a taste of what winter and summer has to offer in British Columbia and how High View’s use of their multirotor aerial platform hits the production values out of the stadium.  Great work Adam!!  Click the link for contact info.








Backcountry BC from HIGH VIEW Productions on Vimeo.

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▶ Avicii – Wake Me Up – Conte Remix

Jack Conte Avicii remix








I don’t really know how to describe this.  Just watch and enjoy.  His other popular video is here.  Talented guy.

▶ Avicii – Wake Me Up – Conte Remix – YouTube.

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the grand budapest hotel









Allstar cast. Directed by Wes Anderson.  This is all you need to know.

via THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL – Official International Trailer HD – YouTube.

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2013 Rookie Video on Vimeo

Rap rookies 2013







Rapattack New Recruit video 2013.  If you know the password, you’re part of Rapattack and are welcome to watch the video.  Great work Dawson, Sam, Matthias and Matt among others.  Congratulations 2013 Rapattack rookies!

2013 Rookie Video on Vimeo on Vimeo

via 2013 Rookie Video on Vimeo.

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Rush Official Trailer

Rush official Trailer








Seemingly the same vein as 1971’s Le mans only true and more of a story line and hopefully just as much throaty exhaust notes.  Ron Howard…he’s done a few good movies right?  Days of thunder can just go put it’s head down on it’s desk and go to sleep.

via Rush – Official Trailer Chris Hemsworth – YouTube.

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Only God Forgives – Red Band Trailer HD Ryan Gosling

Only God Forgives










Apparently Drive was pretty popular.  Here is the same director actor team up for the new movie Only God Forgives.  As a trailer, it’s awesome.  Maybe Koldsmoke will pass on it as a date movie this time though.

via Only God Forgives – Red Band Trailer HD Ryan Gosling – YouTube.

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Kittens On The Beat

kittens on the beat








Sock thieves, Kittens, slow mo.  Corridor Digital!

via Kittens On The Beat – YouTube.

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