Formula One Couple




Super Hysterical, what guy hasn’t done this?  Or wanted to.  This is the antidote for the previous post seen below.  What happens when a Formula One driver takes his wife for an unexpected high-speed spin in his car, and secretly videos the whole thing? This. We don’t think she’ll ever drive with him again.


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What Are You Wearing Today Gradation

A chronicle inspired by the systematic approach taken by the creators of the enigmatic weblog, “What are You Wearing Today”.  An attempt to employ their technique to assess possibilities for the practical idiosyncratic blending of quality, utility and narrative or history beyond mainstream trend or conventional brand-loyalty.  Additionally motivated by the impulse to record the effect of near-daily wear of the iconic 5-pocket jean as manifested Denham’s model The Grade (hence gradation)

If you are still confused check out the website:


What Are You Wearing Today Gradation: April 2010.

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Look Out!!! Old Fire Towers into Modern Mountain Homes | Designs & Ideas on Dornob

If you think about it, fire lookout towers occupy some of the most enviable real estate in the world – they are normally quite remote and isolated but also positioned to have the best vistas available for up to hundreds of miles around in all directions. Like used shipping containers, these structures are already built to withstand the elements and are thus easy to remodel for use as a part-time cabin home or full-time, year-round house.

via Look Out!!! Old Fire Towers into Modern Mountain Homes | Designs & Ideas on Dornob.

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Balloon goes to SPACE!

Okay okay, a bit geeky but honestly how cool is this?  So good.  Check out the video!

Video from a camera attached to a weather balloon that rose into the upper stratosphere and recorded the blackness of space.

via LikeCOOL, Coolest Gadget Magazine..

Homemade Spacecraft from Luke Geissbuhler on Vimeo.

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Another Way To Hide The Bed: Put It In A Box : TreeHugger

We often show ingenious ways of hiding the bed. French architects Emmanuel Combarel Dominique Marrec offer a new one: turn it into a sculptural element, in this case a box hanging from the ceiling.

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Facebook | The Darfield Earthship

The Darfield Earthship Welcome to our Facebook page! We look forward to all your comments about our experiences building our Earthship. Please also checkout our website at!Darfield Earthship|Building an earthship in Darfield.www.darfieldearthship.comOver the last few days I’ve been trying to set up things to buy cans from a young man we know, Rowan Johnson. Rowan is eight years old and he with help from his parents has set up a job for himself. With permission from the Little Fort Husky, Rowan has set out 5-6 recycling … Read More →

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Trailer: Sucker Punch – The Awesomer

Trailer: Sucker Punch


Directed by Zack Snyder (of 300 and Watchmen), Sucker Punch is looking awesome. The action-fantasy is described as “Alice in Wonderland with Guns.” Sounds good to us. Opens 3/2011.

via Trailer: Sucker Punch – The Awesomer.

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Atreides Yacht Concept – The Awesomer

Atreides Yacht Concept

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This design for a futuristic yacht by Yuk Dragovic features a retractable swimming pool that can put you eye-to-eye with the surrounding seas. Keeps sharks out, assuming they’re not the jumping type.

via Atreides Yacht Concept – The Awesomer.

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Search Results Tiger Vs Crocodile – The Awesomer

Ah, the circle of life

Tiger vs. Crocodile

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The pond isn’t big enough for these two predators. Supposedly, the tiger in the video was awarded a lifetime achievement award;  not for killing crocs, but for being a major tourist attraction.

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Trailer: Monsters – The Awesomer

Trailer: Monsters


BAFTA-nominated VFX artist Gareth Edwards won SciFi London’s 48-hour film contest, and now has his first feature film in the can. It’s got mysterious giant monsters and lots of old school thrills.

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