Koldsmoke “nearly” Everyday carry.

Koldsmoke EDC “pocket display” 80% of the time this is what Koldsmoke leaves the house with, if say going out to do chores in the back yard or going for a walk on a rural road heck I’ve probably left the house to go to the cineplex with some of this stuff. Not pictured, DC leather wallet, keys for longer trips into town or for a day of skiing.  Of course I don’t wear each wrist watch at the same time, generally in the winter I use the Tissot, and in the summer the Marathon, as the T-Touch doesn’t have very good water resistance.  I take either the Sog, or the leatherman knife, or both depending on what I’m expecting to encounter in my errands.  Stay tuned for a display of ditty bag contents for a rappel.  Although I have used every single tool on my 686 tool belt many times, the bottle opener has the most miles on it.

Clockwise from top

EDC Koldsmoke

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Traser H3 Military Tritium P 5900 Type 3 Watch

traser 5900 Black with Steel bezelNearly every clothing manufacturer has a military “style” watch in their repertoire, and most of the designer folks out there have put a Nato strap on their swiss dive watch to “military it up a bit.”  As you know I like watches, and have been looking for a Koldsmoke suitable version of the canvas strap, simplistic-lines utility watch the Military “style” requires.  The Traser H3 P5900 fits the bill.  Smaller diameter -37mm- sub $200, and Tritium were the Koldsmoke requirements.  Chunky huge diameter dive watches have their place too, but we are trying to fit a niche.  I was very close to using the Marathon pilots watch for this post but something about the steel ring on the Traser caught my eye, and the price, which is almost half that of the Marathon.  Although built to actual military specs(MIL-W-46374F) this is not an officially military commissioned watch, which is probably why you can actually buy this from a regular retail website.  The lugs are 18mm, so you can customize with Maratac watch bands, and be crazy cutting edge trendy, while actually having a real, functional, sturdy watch, and can tell the time in the dark, without shining a light on the hands to charge the luminosity.

Buy : Traser H3 Military Tritium P 5900 Type 3 Watch.

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Leffot Leather NATO Straps


Leffot leather Nato g10 watch strap


Leffot leather NATO g10 watch strap top view


Leffot NATO G10 leather watch strap

The strap that collectors call “NATO” is based upon the standard watchstrap issued by the British Ministry of Defense (MOD). Called the “G10″ by members of the British military because of the form used to requisition the strap from inventory, the reason it got its “NATO” name is because the strap has a NSN or NATO Stock Number which identifies this type of strap.  Much thicker and rounder rings than on the Maratac of the same name watch strap, more like the 4 ring style  of the same company.  At 225 bones, you could get a number of straps, gadgets and things for a watch, but, they won’t last as long nor have the feel of leather.  Check it out, small company, email orders only.

via Leffot Blog » Blog Archive » NATO Straps.

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Bozeman Watch Company Smokejumper GMT


Bozeman watch co


smokejumper association logo


Smokejumper GMT wristwatch bozeman watch co. Black Dial

Gorgeous looking black dial of the GMT function wristwatch, also available in silver dial but I prefer the black.  At 5,500 dollars USD I suspect most Smokejumpers would not wear this timepiece on a fire, but, 1% of the purchase price is donated to the National Smokejumper Fund.  This is a trend I like, a North American company, making a quality timepiece as a tribute to a wild-firefighting cornerstone.   Can Marathon watch co. take the hint?  I would like to see a GMT watch for Rapattack, Southeast time zone and Pacific, Date etc.  Parattack could have a mechanical altimeter, as well as time functions.  Unit crew style  would just have to be rugged, perhaps a 14 day countdown dial.  Throughout the line the usual chunky, strong construction, tritium of course, and the standard 300m depth rating and sapphire crystal.  But I digress, check out what Bozeman says about their wrist candy.

The official watch of the

National Smokejumper Association

Initially limited to 100 individually numbered units

The SmokeJumper GMT Worldtime, the official timepiece of the National Smokejumper Association, is the successor to our introductory timepiece, the SmokeJumper Chronograph. The SmokeJumper GMT was inspired by America’s airborne firefighters of the National Smokejumper Association – those who risk it all to preserve life, save property, and protect our national forests.


Unlike its predecessor, the Smokejumper GMT Worldtime comes in two different dial colors, both silver and black and uses enamel and super luminescent differently to accent the functions on each of the dials.  The GMT, or second time zone function, especially valuable to travelers since the second time function can maintain the time in a commonly visited city, state or country is simple to read and understand.  In addition, the company has added a world time function on a secondary, sloped bezel located under the crystal which has each of the 24 cities that represent the 24 different world time zones. This bezel can be turned individually with a second crown located at the 10 o’clock position.  It simply allows an individual to tell what time it is anywhere in the world based on matching the 24 hour hand to the city that they have set as the watch’s second time zone.

via Bozeman Watch Company.

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What is Promotive.com

Essentially you sign up to promotive, you apply for a team or teams, and if you qualify you get great discounts on cool equipment.  135 plus brands, 100s of teams, lots of savings on the stuff you use everyday.

ProMotive.com is a software as a service company based in Salt Lake City that also serves as home to 3point5.com, our online retail training business. We´re staffed by brand—savvy, technically—gifted people who understand the nuances of word—of—mouth marketing and know how to connect brands with the customers that best represent their products.

  • ProMotive.com is a product of SwarmBuilder, a word-of-mouth marketing company that also trains retail salespeople on 3point5.com.
  • ProMotive.com was created as a way to connect companies with influential brand advocates online.
  • The goal of ProMotive.com is to increase brand visibility and sales by offering discounts to high-profile product users.

via Promotive.com – Frequently Asked Questions.

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Survival Straps – Watch Straps


Instead of a survival bracelet that takes up precious real-estate on your wrist just for the sake of it, I say why not make it do something useful, like hold on your[ watch ]Swiss Wrist Candy.

Survival Watch Straps are tough. Instead of a traditional buckle, they utilize a 316 marine grade stainless steel shackle for attachment purposes. They are not adjustable like a traditional buckle. However, you will be able to expand the size of the strap by approximately 1″ to adjust for your comfort. Our Watch Straps use a pull through design so you will not lose your watch due to a pin failure. Each Strap contains several feet of paracord. In an emergency situation, you could deploy this cord, and the stainless shackle, for use. If you do use your Watch Strap, simply send it back to us, along with your story, and we will send you a new one free of charge (shipping charges apply). Put on a Survival Watch Strap today to give your watch a completely new personality.

via Survival Straps – Paracord Survival Bracelets, Lanyards, Belts and Accessories… Be Prepared!.

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Linde Werdelin Hard Grey DLC limited edition

Linde-Werdelin-Hard-Grey-DLC-Limited-EditionFrom GEAR PATROL :After our first experience with Linde Werdelin, we walked away sufficiently impressed floored. So, when we received word from Linde Werdeline that their latest watch would be the first limited edition timepiece for the US, our horological interests officially became piqued. The Linde Werdelin Hard Grey DLC Limited Edition ($7,300) is based on the original “The One” model but differentiated by several unique features. Most notably, the Hard Grey’s steel case, which is coated in DLC (diamond-like carbon) and further toughened with an additional 1/1000th of a millimeter layer of carbon applied to its surface. The effect is subtle, but the result is undeniable. The unique process yields a surface 3x harder than steel and second only to diamond. Even more rare are the production numbers — only 11 will be produced. 46mm. Water-resistant to 300 meters. Grey alligator and black rubber straps included.

via Gear Patrol | The Definitive Men’s Resource.

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ATACAMA FIELD CHRONOGRAPH 1860 SERIES  This is the next evolution to follow the highly successful launch of the earlier Field watches. The Atacama is a region in northwest Chile where the Atacama desert, one of the driest areas in the world, is found. This series of watch was conceived to evoke the feeling and flavour of this region, employing gun metal colored PVD plated steel cases and buckles, and sueded leather straps, with dial markings to match the strap colors. Like all Luminox Field watches they are styled to be just a bit bigger, bolder, and more rugged. This is the big brother of the Field series available in 47mm size with antireflective sapphire crystal and also features the exclusive sound box construction Luminox uses to enhance the alarm sound.


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Sinn watches, Solebox

By TLex How about a 2000m diver to go with your new trainers? An likely collaboration between Sinn & solebox, the sneaker connoisseurs based in Berlin; puts the U2 in new fashionable territory. Solebox, who are no strangers to collaboration have this time teamed up with Sinn to create a limited series of 10 U2s.Apart from the solebox text on the dial the watch is pretty much as the stock U2. It costs € 2950. The only remaining question; what shoes to pick out for the solebox U2? OceanicTimes recommendation; a pair Adidas NIZZA Bomber Jacket pumps in olive green . . .

via OceanicTime.

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Invicta Corduba Oversized Chronograph

A lot of fuss has been made over things coming in small packages lately. From the sound of it, only the finest and most enjoyable wares the world has to offer can come in small packages. For certain types of “things” this small package business can be the truth, the new and improved Amazon Kindle comes to mind, but it’s high time the market recognize the contributions that items of size can make to a guy’s gear arsenal. What ever happened to “bigger is better” anyways?

A word of warning, over-sized watches are not for everyone, but where the gaudiness of many models might turn off some Invicta 3449 Corduba Collection Oversized Chronograph ($100) manages a bold and stylish first impression with an impressively large 52mm stainless steel body. Accent digits at 12, 4, and 8 give the watch face a fresh appearance and the stacked center chronograph balances out the package. And in case you forgot this watch was bigger-than-life there’s a latched screw-down covering over the crown, adding a touch of over-the-top couture to the 15mm thick silver case. An equally beefy embroidered leather strap rounds out the over-sized style of the Corduba series, providing a comfortable fit for even the skinniest of wrists. Invicta’s Cordubas come in a range of tasteful colors, and best of all, they won’t set you back as much as you think.Gear Patrol | The Definitive Men’s Resource.

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