Vostok Amphibian Classic

Vostok Amphibia Black dial Automatic watch









Not to be confused with Vostok-Europe, a Lithuanian watch company, Vostok-inc watch company is a true Russian wrist watch manufacturer.  Vostok has a proprietary automatic movement(vostok 2416b) in it’s watches; there is no need for batteries or winding, just wear the watch and it runs.  Koldsmoke likes this style above the best, with the unique to Vostok black and red bezel with the dots and dashes. The amphibian classics feature  200m water resistance, screw down crown, and date.  Oh yeah, it’s yours for well under $100.  This is the brand of watch Bill Murray wore in The Life Aquatic (ships wheel and anchor on the face).  Caveats…the crystal is not sapphire so be careful not to scratch it, the lume is apparently not so great, and the bezel is not a true diver, it spins both ways.  For $100 bucks, no one’s complaining, for a piece of unique wrist candy from a “…little town on the kama river”

Amphibian Classic 710394 vostok-inc.com.

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