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Swiss Army Wool Gaiters

Swiss Wool Gaiter Lateral view

Swiss Wool Gaiter full view

Swiss Wool Gaiter Zipper detail

Swiss Wool Gaiter Medial view

















Swiss Army Wool Gaiters, a steal at $14.99 and less.  Though swiss army surplus they are in very good shape. These gaiters keep you warm and dry thanks to rugged construction, felted, waterproof wool, and leather protection where needed.  The outer surface is smooth and slightly shiny, and the interior shows that it is indeed fuzzy wool.  Zippers make for  easy on off and a rubber strap keep these puppies in place.  One size fits all.  Thanks Boulder 1!

New Swiss Army Wool Gaiters w/Zipper – 999 – Military Surplus.

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Sample Footage Liquid Image Co on Vimeo

Feet and skis









Here is some footage I took with the Liquid Image summit goggle, 335 version in 720p.  The 720p looks pretty good so the newer 1080p versions should be awesome.

via Sample Footage Liquid Image Co on Vimeo.

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Oscar® Etiquette

Cecil Worthington









The Oscar’s are Sunday night.  Get some tips if you are nominated so you don’t make any Statuette Faux Pas.  Rule of Bum.

via Oscar® Etiquette – YouTube.

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Jeb Corliss…”Bunyuck”

Jeb Corliss In flight










Jeb Corliss tastes death, and it tastes like helium.  The wing suit phenom cuts it a bit close to the ledge where the Helium balloons are located and tags the edge.  Apparently he’s ok, albeit very broken and bruised.  Very calm and cool mid air recovery after his “Bunyuck”.

via Jeb Corliss – Grounded – YouTube.

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The Walking Dead Alternate Intro

shane the walking dead











No not really, could you imagine?   The Walking Dead you know and love returns without the cheesey but funny ’80s sitcom style intro.  Watch it tonite on AMC.

via The Walking Dead Alternate Intro – YouTube.

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The Flip side Bar









Just in time for the 14th.  Enjoy.


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Wes Anderson From Above on

Wes Anderson from above











A compilation of Wes Anderson’s overhead shots.  Counting down unil Moonrise Kingdom.  

Wes Anderson From Above on

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Free Cabin Porn


Free Cabin Porn NH cabin

Free Cabin Porn 2Free Cabin Porn sample














Free Cabin Porn is a website about cozy getaways from the mainstream home.  A good mix of modern, some retro, some a hybrid of the two styles. It’s A good time occupier. Many many hi res pictures of beautiful small structures.  Some are converted buildings and some are built from scratch, all are interesting to look at.  Submitted photos, interesting architecture, stunning scenery.  Free Cabin Porn.

Cabin Porn.

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