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Lego Man in Space

Lego Man in Space







Two Seventeen year old Canadian guys using off the shelf technology send a lego man holding a Canadian Flag into near space.  The first vid is the original edit, the second video shows how it was done and interviews the dudes who made the device.  Koldsmoke loves that they had to stop looking for the space craft because they had to go to school the next day…they couldn’t go looking until the next weekend. What a week!

via Lego Man in Space – YouTube.

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Beautiful Day at the Dog Park on Vimeo









POV, DOG.  Great editing, GOPRO chest rig.  Somebody get those hounds a new “Plastic throwing disc”.

via Beautiful Day at the Dog Park on Vimeo.

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Powertrekk | A fuel cell charger for instant power anywhere

powertrekk fuel cell charger










Don’t get too exited, although at first glance this looks amazing.  Add water, and boom, power for your usb devices.  The more I looked into this the less enthusiastic I became, the water aspect is cool, but the 12$ power puck that wears out over an indeterminate number of charges(couldn’t find how long the puck would last in any sort of understandable format) is not as cool.  This is an amazing idea, and why I am including this post on Koldsmoke, but for 199$ plus the 12$ pucks, that are much bigger than a AA cell, I’m not going to race out and buy one, not when there are alternatives like the Elecom AA iphone charger which is essentially the same thing-without the water, and instead of pucks, (that are nearly the size of the hockey variety) 4 AA cells.  Keep your eye on this company and see how they do in the future.

Powertrekk | A fuel cell charger for instant power anywhere.

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Good Luck Emma Whitman!!


Emma Whitman million dollar smile






Emma Whitman is going to slay the Dew Tour Slope Course this weekend!!  Here is a message from one of her best pals Kieran Nikula:

“‎Emma Whitman is incredible in many ways and very much so when it comes to skiing! There is an army of friends and family around the world cheering for her. And she has every reason to be 100 percent confident this weekend as she takes on the Dew Tour slope course in Killington Vermont. Share this to show her your support and how much you all believe in her. she will see it.”

Good Luck Emma!!

Just a day in the life of Emma on Vimeo.

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Boiling water thown in the face at -40 celcius

Boiling water thrown in face at -40c







Boulder Mountain alumni Nick and Ben being bored in Grande Cache Alberta.  Do not try at home unless it’s -40c.  Hope it warms up for you guys up there!  Thanks Ben!  Cool and Hot.

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Liquid Image Ego Cam

Liquid Image ego cam size white

ego cam black white red blue yellow









Coming in June, Liquid Image Ego cam.  150 bucks, full 1080p HD, and many colours, this is positioned to be an alternative to the GOPRO Hero2, not a ‘me too’ offering like what  AEE has.  Wifi connectivity built in(gopro hero2 has a wifi backpack ad on), which is good, apparently no bluetooth which is bad(wifi on those mountain peaks is not here yet!).  No screen on the back; so bad, unless there is wifi and you can set up your shot via your smartphone.  At 150 dollars, and similar specs to the Gopro hero2, and waterproof to 10 feet without protective housing, on paper it looks like a great way to get into the pov market without throwing down 300 bucks for a Hero2.

via CES 2012 – Liquid Image Ego HD Demo – YouTube.

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Haywire Official Trailer




















It has to be better than Salt.  It just has to be.  Gina Carano as the lead, looks as though she could actually beat the crap out of people, and her MMA background lends credibility to this look.  If she can’t act, well there are a number of [ahem] heavy hitters to support her.  Well, Tatum is ah well, never mind.  Sodebergh directs, which means it will look and sound awesome.

via Haywire Official Trailer – YouTube.

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Moonrise Kingdom









Wes’s usuals, and many other stars.  Moonrise Kingdom.  Looks like the best since the Tenenbaums, although it is worth mentioning Life Aquatic and The Darjeeling Limited were no slouches.  The soundtrack will not suck either.  May 16, 2012.

via Moonrise Kingdom Official Trailer 1 – YouTube.

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A Pre-New Years Party Run @ PK on Vimeo

Ski Tip Huck POV







It’s a chest mounted GoPro deep pow Mach-Chicken run through  the trees somewhere in BC.  High Five, I like!  Thanks a whole lot Shane!  Happy New Year indeed.

via A Pre-New Years Party Run @ PK on Vimeo.

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Bond 50 – Blu-ray trailer

Bond 50









Shaken, not stirred, and or it doesn’t look like you give a damn how it’s served.  Bond, 50.  Check it.  Pre-order on Itunes.

via Bond 50 – Blu-ray trailer. Pre-order now – YouTube.

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