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Happy Halloween from Koldsmoke

Pumpkin Smashing









Not the grunge band from the 90’s, it’s actually pretty literal.  Happy Halloween from Koldsmoke!!

Smashing Pumpkins on

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Sea Turtles at 2 Step Beach Hawaii shot with iPhone 4










Sea Turtles captured by my Iphone 4 with the Lifeproof case.  Not a drop entered.  I was pretty nervous but worked out ok.  Very clear and actually better quality than the GoPro underwater footage we have been getting on the trip.  Unlikely going to take the phone snorkeling as there is no way to hang on to the phone but to just grab it; a lanyard attachment would be a nice touch, but I’m not complaining.  If you are going to use the Iphone as a video recorder, hold it sideways and the image will fill the screen and look more professional than the typical vertical video with the giant black bars on the sides.  Also practice with it a bit and make sure you are videoing what you are aiming at, I had a difficult time getting this right.  These turtles do not talk like surfers as the popular media has led me to believe.

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GoPro HD Hero2 Helmet Cam






The juggernaut that is GoPro just dropped a massive product explosion on the market with it’s Hero2 cam. 11 Megapixels from 5.  2 times clearer lense.  More intuitive lcd screen are the biggest improvements.   FYI, if you wanna film underwater, you have to buy an aftermarket non OE flat lense housing or the image is essentially poor quality, or exactly like what you see if you swim without a dive mask – dissapointing footage of blurry sea turtles and dolphins on a recent trip to Hawaii’s big Island with the stock housing.  The new wifi bacpack allows remote operation through a wifi network and a mobile device or laptop, as well as live streaming to the web or harddrive.  You can do this with up to 50 cameras.  Other features include an easier to understand LCD screen and more led lights indicating on off, more choices with field of view and frames per second, and for time lapse 1/.5 sec shots as well as the choices from the previous model.  GoPro HD Hero2 Helmet Cam.

Comparison Chart Showing all the new features GOPRO

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EDC Kit – Kaufmann Mercantile Store










A mini lighter, widgy bar, tweezers, and two screwgies, flat and phillips all on one keyring.  Keys to the cabinet of “sex-panther” not included.  Kaufmann Mercantile Store EDC Kit.  Christmas is coming.

EDC Kit – Kaufmann Mercantile Store.

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Dolphin Sniper


Boulder 1 fishing in Hawaii









Hawaii fishing trip ends in feeding an opportunistic Dolphin. Boulder 1 has the only edible fish on all day (possibly a grey snapper) and a porpoise or Dolphin Snipes it. GoPro footage catches the mammal in the act.

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The Machine on Vimeo










Avid rider Allen Dewey suggested this very well shot video of custom bikes.  Thanks Allen!  The Machine on vimeo.

via Gear Patrol | Spirit of Adventure, Passion for Gear.

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Eels Fighting or Having Sex? Hawai’i 2011 on Koldsmoke










Missy Bear saw these in the tide pool at 2 Step Beach Hawaii.  Not sure if they were having fun, or having fun.  That’s Missy singing to them.  Shot with my trusty old fashioned Iphone 4.

via Eels Fighting or Having Sex? on Vimeo.

Eels Fighting or Having Sex? from Gabriel Dewey on Vimeo.

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People are awesome, compilation of awesome people.  Some of the ski footage is meh, but the rest is pretty cool and hot.  Some sick snowb0ard flips.

via PEOPLE ARE AWESOME 2011 – YouTube.

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Canal+ “The Bear”

bear canal+









Even Bears like movies.  Taking a stab at the stereotypical European Director, or maybe Michael Bay.  “Boom, explosion!”

via Canal+ “The Bear” by BETC Paris – YouTube.

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Oda : Skevik Skis Inc.

Brett Dawley apologizes for suggesting this post because I’ve got my Hawaii hat on.  It’s all good buddy, really really on board with this concept.  They named the company after their Norwegian Great Grandfather so it has a family feel to it.  The secret ingredient in these small batch, British Columbia made, progressively shaped skis?  Love.  Three models, Oda, Sevrin and Anton.  Koldsmoke appreciates the humour in the Oda‘s description from Skevik.  Thanks Brett!

Skevik skis

click to enlarge

skevik skis in natural habitat











The only thing on the Oda’s mind is powder and lots of it. Big, wide and curvy may not be great words to describe your girlfriend but who needs a girlfriend when you’re skiing overhead blower on a pair of these. Three stage rocker, far from ordinary sidecut and 132mm underfoot. What else do you need?

via Oda : Skevik Skis Inc..

Skevik Skis 2009 Layup from Skevik Skis on Vimeo.

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