Adanac Gamma Master II

ww194017l Adanac Gamma Master II

For the guy/gal who has everything but probably not this radiation detecting watch sold on the Marathon Watch Co. website.  Come visit Beautiful Chernobyl!  I hear it’s beautiful this time of year.  Marathon’s description, it’s a bit technical:

Adanac Gamma Radiation Detector/Counter

The wrist watch dosimeter is a radiation detection and measurement instrument that looks like an ordinary wrist watch. The watch provides continuous monitoring and provides readout of cumulative dose and current dose rate.

The audible alarm alerts you when your preset dose and dose rate thresholds are exceeded.

Features a backlit display for nighttime operation and water resistant to a depth of 100 metres.

  • Gamma-Radiation Detector/Counter featuring Geiger-Muller Tube Sensor
  • Measurement of Dose Equivalent Rate (DER) and Dose Equivalence (DE)

The ADANAC GAMMA-RADIATION DETECTOR/COUNTER detects Gamma Radiation and converts data into Dose Equivalent Rate (DER) and Dose Equivalence (DE) which is accumulated exposure. These figures DER and DE allow the user to keep track of radiation level (DER) in their present environment and to estimate the potential accumulated exposure of Gamma Radiation.


(1) The Dose Equivalence (DE) is the accumulated quantity of Gamma Radiation. The unit that the DE is measured is Seivert (Sv).

(2) The Dose Equivalent Rate (DER) is the quantity of Gamma Radiation exposure per time unit. The DER unit of measurement for this Radiation Counter is Sievert per Hour (Sv/h).

  • User Set DER and DE Alarm Function. This alarm triggers when radiation thresholds are tripped.
  • DER indication / DER Threshold Range: 0.01 to 9999.99 μSv/h
  • DE indication / DE Threshold Range: 0.001 to 9999.999 mSv
  • DE Accumulation Time Range: 1 to 9999 hours
  • Accuracy of indicate of DER: ± 20%
  • Accuracy of indication of DE: ± 20%
  • Total memory for DER record: 500 reading records
  • Energy Range: -0.06 to 1.5 MeV


  • Time: hour, minute, second
  • Calendar: month date

Analogue Watch

  • Hour, minute and second Hand
  • Hour index found on outer bezel for clarity


  • Adanac Gamma- Radiation Detector / Counter with Polonium 210 Detector
  • Accumulated Gamma-Radiation Over Time
  • Radiation Alarm Alert
  • Recordable memory
  • Data transfer capable
  • Digital and Analogue Time with alarm and EL backlight
  • Black dial features luminous hands and hour markings.
  • Luminous Features on dial and hands are powered by luminous MARA

Watch, Wrist, Adanac GRD (Gamma Radiation Detector/Counter) – Product Catalog – Marathon Watch Company Ltd.


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