ESA Training Haines Creek

Matt Park protecting the rope

Matt Park placing a Back Pack as a guard for the ropes over a ledge


Karl Sundin Descending with the SAR AB

Karl Sundin descending using a SAR AB device

Gabriel Dewey Belaying Karl Sundin

Gabriel Dewey Belaying Karl Sundin using the SAR AB device











Last friday Abiss and Lamoureux and Corbett took Rap Golf and Rap Lima out to Haines Creek BC to do some ESA training. ESA is Extreme Slope Assistance, through the use of ropes and harnesses aids Firefighters on a slope either near a vertical face or on a slope too steep to walk on.  Matt Park took some cool shots of Rap Golf practicing the procedures(click on image for larger view).  Note the use of the SAR AB on the belay line and the Rappel line.  Letting go of the device locks the device onto the rope securely, and is easily released using the handle greatly simplifiying the operation, without having to tie a locking knot over a figure of eight for the rappeler and no prussiks to mind or get jammed for the belayer.


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